Tamil Nadu has a staggering number of mosques. Most of them are in Chennai. This southern region of India, called Dravida in the ancient times, is believed to be the home of the Dravidians. The arrival of Muslims in India witnessed the spread of Islam. Tamil Nadu houses some of the most significant places of worship for Islam followers.

Famous Mosques in Tamil Nadu

Athar Jamad Masjid

Athar Jamad Masjid, also called The Big Mosque, is situated at Oppanakara Street and Town Hall in Coimbatore. This is one of the biggest and the oldest mosques of Coimbatore. It is a live witness of the city’s history.

The masjid was built by merchants of perfumes called Athar. They were migrants from Tirunelveli. Construction started in 1844 and ended in 1904 – the building was done in 44 years. It features limestone and mortar structure, polished with egg white. The façade features cusped arches, which surround the open courtyard. This is where the prayer hall is located.

The south-east side has a covered ablution pond. The masjid has a library to its east. There is a kitchen that cooks rice soup during Ramzan period. Entrance of the masjid is dotted with hawkers who sell items of worship and amulets.

According to INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage), two minars on northern and southern sides of the structure soar 85 feet. They feature domed roofs in silver. The pair of domes stands out in the sky and signifies the gates of heaven.

A dargah lies on the south of the masjid. Non-Muslims, too, worship here. It is one of the most worshipped dargahs. About 2000 worshippers assemble here for the Friday prayers.

Kazimar Big Mosque

Kazimar Big Mosque or Kazimar Periya Pallivasal is a well known mosque at the center of Madurai city. It is just a kilometer south east of Madurai Junction. The Periyar bus stand is about 500 meters from the mosque and the Meenakshi Temple is about 800 meters from it.

The descendant of Islamic prophet Muhammad, Hazrat Kazi Syed Tajuddin, arrived here from Oman during the 13th century. He got land from the then Pandya King and built the mosque. This is the first place of worship of Muslims in Madurai. It can accommodate about 2500 people.

Kattubava Mosque

Kattubava Mosque, also called Kattubava Pallivasal, stands 30 km from Padukkottai on Thirumayam-Madurai highway. It is known for its ‘urs’ or anniversaries, which happen in the month of Rabiyul Ahir.

Muhyuddin Andavar Mosque

Muhyuddin Andavar Mosque is the sole congregational mosque in Thiruppanandal of Thanjavur district. It is a part of the structure that accommodates a cemetery, a mausoleum, and several shops.

The old mosque structure was demolished in the early 80’s. The new mosque was inaugurated on February 3, 1989. The mosque features architecture typical of South India mosques. An interesting thing to note is that the mosque has no dome. Two minarets adore its front; a traditional pool for Wudu is to the right; and there is a side entrance to the graveyard.

The mosque has two storeys. Congregrational prayers take place at the inner prayer hall on the ground floor. Around it is the outer prayer hall used for wedding ceremonies, town meetings, religious discourses, and ‘dhikr’ gatherings.

Another striking feature of the mosque is that it has no pulpit. Instead, tourists can find a hidden passageway running from the Mihrab. It goes to a balcony. The prayer leader or Khatib delivers the sermon or Khutba from here.

Jumma Mosque

Jumma Mosque, also called Meen Kada Palli, is in Kilakarai in Ramanthapuram district. It is a scared place for Muslims. Since ancient times, people migrated from Sri Lanka and other counties to trade and do business here. Jumma Mosque features Dravidian style of architecture. This is believed to be one of the oldest mosques in the sub-continent of India. It was built in 17th century. It is the first mosque to be constructed in fine stone. The mosque shows the brilliant sense of art and architecture of Islamic rulers.

Then there is the Goripalayam Mosque, which is huge, featuring tombs of two Delhi sultans who ruled the Madurai Sultanate. The mosque is 70 feet wide with 20 feet high dome carved from single stone. Makka Masjid is an eminent mosque in Chennai. It is also a large structure that can accommodate hundreds of worshippers simultaneously.
Masjid Mamoor is a significant place of worship for Muslims of Mannady area of Chennai. It was built in 18th century. The Grand Mosque is also popular among tourists.
Thousand Lights Mosque is a beautiful structure featuring sayings from the Holy Koran on the walls. The mosque is cream in color and features multiple domes. It lies in the center of Chennai city. Kanmian Masjid was constructed to honor Prophet Kanmiyan Sasith, who migrated from Arabia to Tiruchi.

These and many more mosques draw innumerable worshippers from around India and the world. It is not wrong to say that Tamil Nadu is the hub of worship, be it for Muslims, Hindus, and Christians.

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