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Little Mount Cave

The Little Mount Cave also known as the Mount of St. Thomas is a Rock Cave located on the Little Mount and is known to be the place where St. Thomas took refuge after being wounded severely. The old Blessed Sacrament Chapel exists near the currently built Church of Our Lady of Good Health. The Portuguese built the old church over the cave.

The cave has an opening that tells the story of the fleeing saint who retreated as he left the prints of his hands that is still visible. The Masonry cross at the back end of the cave is the place where the saint prayed.


The 95 meter high Mount of St. Thomas lies to 3 km southwest of Little Mount. Taking 132 steps, you can reach the summit and the church built in the 16th century by the Portuguese. The antique stone cross, embedded in the alter wall is one of the most important relics. This is said to have been engraved by St. Thomas himself.

This is also known as the Bleeding Cross. History has it that this legendry cross bled miraculously, between the years 1558 to 1704. The Cantonment area lies beneath the eastern flank. There’s a tower that’s built along the footprints of the saint. The miraculous spring exists within the chapel. Legend has it that the spring appeared when St. Thomas touched the rock with his staff. You can also see St. Thomas’s footprints in the rocks. Our Lady of Health Church was built in 1551 and is known as one of the ancient churches in India. The Holy Bleeding cross is worshipped by the believers across the centuries. You will find the St. Thomas Cave under the church.

Using, his chisel and hammer, the saint left his last impressions, for the upcoming generations in the cave. The cave is around 14 ft broad and almost 16 ft long and 7 ft high. Having followed the trade routes of middle east to far east, reached India, somewhere in the mid of the first century of Christian era.

Visitor's Information

While on a visit, make sure to explore the new church of Mother Mary having the altar created exactly on the place where St Thomas breathed his last. You are advised to carry food and water along with you to avoid any kind of inconvenience. November, December, February and March are the best times to visit this beautiful miracle zone in Chennai.

How to Reach

You can reach Little Mount Cave by taxis, cars, bus and even rickshaws. You can take bus or taxis from Kotturpuram, T Nagar and Kodambakkam to reach the Little Mount Cave. You can also avail private vehicles to travel to Little Mount Cave from your resort or hotel.

You have to use the Little Mount Bus Stop to get to your destination. The Ayodhyapattanam Railway Station is one of the nearest stations to avail for train trip to Chennai.

While the Chennai International Airport near Alandur is the convenient point to give easy access to Little Mount Cave and a number of other attractions.

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