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Gudiyam Cave

Located at a reasonable distance of around 60km from the capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai, Gudiyam Cave is one of the ancient rock shelter sites of the country. The entire credit of finding this place goes to reputed geologist, Sir Rupert Bruce Foote. The Archaeological Department of Tamil Nadu currently manages this cave that is located in the Poondi reservoir at Thiruvallur district.

The ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) that conducted a survey here during 1963-64 came with the fact that this cave was used by the Paleolithic Man. It was revealed that the cave was used hugely by the hominids who lived here at least 100000 years ago. Gudiyam is just one of these categories. 16 more are found in the Allikulli Hills near Poondi.


The Gudiyam caves were used by humans many years ago for different reasons. Some of them used these caves for staying in there, while some used these caves to excavate minerals and improve their economic conditions. These caves were first mentioned during the rule of Assyrian ruler, King Salmanassar II, when their location was mentioned in the karst landscape study. The king, it is believed as per the bronze engravings here, had researched about this cave and the springs of Tigris River. Similarly, the area was also mentioned in the karst topography as found out from old Greek and Roman manuscripts. The Cave of Letters in Israel, mentions a document about this cave, in which details about a woman’s life is explained clearly. From here, it was found out that Babatha, the woman, used this cave as a safekeeping place to store all her important documents.

Visitor Information

Tourists must carry ample supply of water with them to quench their thirst as there is no other source of water here. Summer is the best time to come to this cave, but it is also the time when one needs to be ready to bear the scorching hot rays of the sun. Tourists should never visit this place during the rainy season, as there is no place to hide here to get protection from the rain.

Tourists must carry enough eatables with them, as there are no stalls or restaurants at the Gudiyam cave area.

Tourists must wear a strong pair of footwear that can stand them in good stead while trekking up the caves. Shoes can cause discomfort as there quite a few puddles on the way to the cave.

How to Reach

By Bus

Private and government sector Volvo, air-conditioned, deluxe and other normal buses are available in plenty to Chennai from Bangalore (345km), Coimbatore (493km), Kochi (677km), Hyderabad (679km) and Mangalore (695km).

By Train

Egmore, Chennai Central and Tambaram are the three important railway junctions in Chennai and one can reach Gudiyam caves easily from either of these.

By Air

There are lots of domestic and international flights that are accessible at Chennai (Anna International and Kamaraj Domestic airports).

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