Based on the complexity and type of services offered, the Indian health care facilities are segmented into three heads. These are:

Primary Healthcare Facilities

Basic healthcare and prevention services are provided through an outpatient type of sitting.

Secondary Healthcare Facilities

These include simple procedures which are provided through both inpatient and outpatient services.

Tertiary Healthcare Facilities

These involve highly sophisticated and specialized medical care together with complicated surgical procedures. Such facilities cover specialty and super specialty care while are anticipated to grow more owning to an expected augmentation in complicated lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. These facilities are mainly located in urban tier one city setting while the rural and semi-rural people need traveling to these cities to avail such high medical care.

Medical Care

Owning to its spirituality, mysticism, rich culture and history and exotic locales, India has allured foreigners as a preferred tourist spot. However when unique standard of medical and healthcare treatment emerge, there is great demand for economical yet supreme quality medical treatments. The foreign patients now perceive India as an appropriate destination for having surgical, medical and dental care procedures as there is a vigorous participation of private sector. The health care services are privatized (where 80% of the Indian health care market is controlled by the private sector). Because of massive and enormous awareness related to the international accreditations such as JCI and quality, India has emerged as a tough competitor in the Medical Tourism Market.

It is noteworthy that India is considered as a home of largest pharmaceutical industry all across the world. It has ample amount of self drug protection while also exports drugs to nearly 180 nations in the world.

The potential of India to offer international quality medical and healthcare at economical prices, as compared to other nations, makes India stand apart from other nations in Asia. Besides saving lot of money, the health trips to India give sufficient amount of time and required medical and surgical care can be availed instantly on arrival.

Other Healthcare Specialties

What attract the tourists to India are naturopathy, Ayurveda, yoga, and spa treatments. There are innumerable health spas, medication and relaxation centers all through the country which promise offering therapeutic healing to their body, soul, and mind. These centers aim in providing lavish and relaxing accommodations which are coupled with scenic locales as their backdrop. The holistic centers in Goa, Kerala, and Himachal are particularly famous. The calm, comfort, and reassurance of the medical treatments tend to perk up the individual’s well being by accelerating its own inherent curing potential while also promoting a sense of peace and tranquility.

The massages at such centers provide a precise solution to fight the deadly effects of long term stress while harmonizes and brings peace to a depressed mind, body and soul.

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