Tamil Nadu is a state that is not only full of temples and beaches, but also has a host of wildlife sanctuaries that excite nature lovers from all over the world. The zoos that are spread over here are the best examples of this fact.  Photographers, wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers, adventure lovers, ornithologists, adults and kids have a great time at these zoos, because there is something in these for each age group of visitors. These zoos have large enclosures where animals roam around freely. Kids love to see them from caged windows. For people who want to have a closer look at the animals, there are safaris available. Many jeep safaris are available through which people go in well-protected vehicles that go quite close to these enclosures; however the route is quite safe and do not harm animals in any way.

Zoos are the best places for witnessing a large variety of flora and fauna. The zoos in Tamil Nadu, with their perfect climate, high quality of soil and topographical features are prefect for housing rare species of wildlife. Most of the zoos in Tamil Nadu are historical landmarks and important tourist destinations. A visit to the state is considered to be incomplete if you don’t visit these iconic spots.

Some of the Famous Zoos in Tamil Nadu

Arignar Anna Zoological Park

This was set up during 1985 and as per recent data, there are close to 2000 different kinds of animals here. More than 150 types of species of animals are housed here. It is estimated that close to 10000 people visit the zoo during weekends. The crowd is high on public holidays and during summer vacations. This zoo, commonly known as Vandalur Zoo, is located in the outskirts of Chennai. The zoo is set up on a total area of 602 hectares and it has the proud distinction of being the largest zoo in the country. While you are here, do not miss the lion, deer and gaur safaris. Apart from lions and tigers, you can also spot sambhars, sloth bears, Indian bison and a large variety of elephants here.  Some of the top tourist attractions are aviaries, butterfly house, reptile house, amphibian house, crocodile enclosure, separate section of nocturnal animals and other recreational parks and facilities.

Amirthi Zoological Park

This park is located in the Vellore district and was opened for the general public during 1967. The park is set up on an area of 62 acres and is a big tourist attraction because of its greenery and the presence of scenic waterfalls. The Tamil Nadu State Government and the Forest Department have been doing continuous contributions to improve the facilities here so that it is beneficial for visitors coming here. Mongoose, elephants, spotted deer, foxes, monkeys etc. are some of the common species that are found in plenty.

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