Orissa - "The Soul of India"

The Indian state of Orissa may be regarded as the soul of the country due to its immense splendor as well as a number of destinations making it amazingly appealing....


Why Visit Orissa

Orissa has everything what a tourist searches for a visit to any part of India, destinations like having waterfalls, beaches, historical places or places of religious significance are present all over in Orissa....


Orissa - A Combination of Scenic, Serene, Beautiful Locations with Exotic Cultures & Friendly People

Orissa is one of the special and unique places in India which speaks of its beauty. Loaded with exceptional historical monuments and architecturally rich temples, this place is abode to thousands of worthy artists as well as craftsmen. With its natural landscape, wildlife sanctuaries, possessing beaches, Orissa is considered as a land of enchanting beauty. The place undoubtedly is fascinating and exceptional and not to forget, it is yet to be discovered by true nature lovers.

In Orissa, tourism is an epitome of veritable museum which highlights the artistic heritage and sculptures that belongs to well-known connoisseurs and scholars. Their contribution to the glorious Hindu temples of Bhubaneswar, the splendid temple where Lord Jagannath is worshipped (located in Puri, is well known for its spell binding Rath Yatra Chariot Occasion), the majestically rich Sun Temple of Konark (which features the old Black Pagoda of the European Mariners) is worth mentioning. There are some sophisticated tourists who try to manage their trip to Orissa in order to take pleasure of Orissa’s splendid beauty. They come prepared by gathering knowledge about some temples of the city of Puri, the textiles of Orissa as these are famous all through the world. Apart from these, the beaches of Gopalpur and Puri are also worth mentioning.

Orissa shares it border with the Bay of Bengal. As the eastern part is more close to this sea, it is but natural very prosperous and hence owns lot of religious places and tourist locations. The western part on the other hand has forest and hilly area but it remains under drought conditions through most of the year. The area is predominately considered a tribal belt region. But the western region of this state has immense volume of minerals like iron ore which promise to herald a prominent industrialization of Orissa.

Orissa is a culturally rich state and to add more pride to this state, it has a golden triangle which is formed by Konark-Puri and Bhubaneswar.

Conventionally Orissa had descended from Kalinga, the historical Kingdom. The soul of this state - its language Oriya derives from the very popular Kalinga script that also descends from Brahmi Script.

The travel guide of Orissa is very experienced and vivid just like the Travel and Tourism of Orissa itself. The cultural rich land of this state is acknowledged for enclosing exceptional nature and culture, thereby making Orissa in India worth visiting. Try visiting this state and imbibe a splendid experience.

Fairs & Festivals in Orissa

Orissa people are fun loving and they celebrate their fairs and festivals with a great enthusiasm. Various festivals found here are Bali Yatra, Kalinga Mahotsav and Konark festival etc....

(Bali Yatra, Chaita Parva, Kalinga Mahotsav, Konark Festival , Parab Tribal Festival , Puri Beach Festival, Puri Rath Yatra)


Attractions In Orissa

Legends of Orissa

The Orissa state has witnessed several reigns and empires on its land, conventionally it is believed that the Kalinga kingdom had its descendents and Oriya language also originated from here. ...

Notable Personalities In Orissa

Raman singh

Raman singh

Raman Singh is basically from Orissa and is a politician of India and also, the current Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh. He is the member of RSS and Bharatiya Janata Party....

Ajit Jogi

Ajit Jogi

Ajit Pramod Jogi was the premier chief minister of Chhattisgarh state. He is the current representative of Marwahi Scheduled Tribe constituency and was accused of Chhattisgarh-Orissa border issue recently....



Agnivesh is a social activist who has claimed of supporting villagers in Orissa for protesting the acquisition of the lands done forcefully for POSCO steel project worth 12 billion dollar. ...

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Culture in Orissa

The state of Orissa prides itself with a rich cultural heritage as is evident from the historical monuments and a golden triangle which came into formation by Bhubaneswar and Konark-Puri....

Weddings in Orissa

There are different rituals performed in weddings taking place in Orissa, obviously things vary from caste to caste but as per the common customs, betel nuts are sent with invitations....