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Singanallur Lake

The southern peninsular state of Tamil Nadu in India is bestowed with natural beauty. Many places in the state have the abundant charming elements of nature. Lakes in the state are also having varying characteristics, in terms of size, shape, species from both, animal and plant kingdoms. Singanallur Lake is one of the lakes, where tourists visit the place, to spend time in natural environs. The city of Coimbatore is otherwise more famous for its industries. However, this city can also proudly exhibit its own treasure in the form of beautiful lakes. Singanallur Lake is one of them.


Singanallur Lake is in the heart of Coimbatore city. It lies on the right side of the road, which goes from Coimbatore to Trichy. A railway line also passes through the lake, offering a good view of the lake to railway passengers.


The bund on the lake is over 3 kms long. A canal from river Noyyal pours water into this lake. One weir dam and 2 sluices are provided for outlet purpose. Earlier records indicated that the lake once occupied 288 acre area. Present statistics show that current area of the lake is about 269 acres. The catchment area for is spread over 11 square miles. The catchment area collects rainwater during monsoon season.


Avi Fauna

Singanallur Lake is famous for many varieties of birds. Many regular and some rare varieties of birds are found at the lake. Their numbers vary as per season.
Passerine birds have the ability to remain perched on treetops. Larks, wagtails, flycatchers, weavers, sunbirds and many more species of this category are spotted on this lake site. Nonpasserine birds are incapable of perching due their tow arrangement. These birds fly and again settle on water or on marshy lands around water bodies. Many species of such nonpasserine varieties are also spotted here. They include herons, egrets, cormorants, harriers, ducks, sandpipers, kingfishers and many more. The activity of the birds is the single biggest attraction of Singanallur Lake.


Visitors to this lake include bird watchers and those who want to be with nature. Many photography enthusiasts also visit the place to try their luck, at taking snaps of many birds in the area. Boating facilities are available for the entertainment of visitors.

Best Time to Visit

Visitors can visit this lake any time of the year.

How to Reach

By Train

Coimbatore is a major city of Tamil Nadu. Scores of trains connect Coimbatore to every single big city of India. Multiplicity of trains ensures convenience to tourists.

By Air

Coimbatore has International Airport, which caters to international as well as domestic passengers. The airport lies about 13 kms away from the heart of Coimbatore city.

By Road

Coimbatore is well connected to all major cities of India through a good network of National Highways and State Highways. Efficient bus services are available. Taxi services for short distance travel are provided.

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