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Noyyal River

The Noyyal River is a tributary of the reputed Cauvery River and runs for a length of 173km. This river had many interconnected tanks and canals. Legend has it that these were constructed by the Chalukya Cholas. It was the major source of water for all transport purposes back then. During heavy rains, when the Noyyal River becomes full, the water is redirected towards the canals so that flooding can be avoided. In the earlier years, the river and its canals surrounded the areas of Coimbatore town. The fertility of the town was largely due to this river. However with the changing times, many industries started coming up in this area and the place is fully urbanised. Combined with the factor of reduced rainfall, the waters in the river have almost dried up.


The Noyyal River that starts in the Velligiri Hills of Western Ghats is one of the lesser known rivers that flow through the southern part of India. The basin of the river is 180km long and 25km wide. It provides water for a whopping The total length of the river is 173km. The river then eventually flows into the Cauvery River. Currently, the Noyyal River supplies water to fill up 32 tanks.

The river that was named as Kanchinadi earlier was later renamed as Noyyal during 1750AD. It was at the village of Noyyal that the rivers of Noyyal and Ponni intersect with each other. Currently, the Noyyal River faces a big problem – pollution. There are several antibiotic materials that flow through the river, due to which all the areas in the village that are covered by the river are heavily polluted. The State Government took many efforts to clean this river in vain. It was then the NGO (non-government organisation), Siruthuli took up the matter in its hands.

This organisation undertook many initiatives to clean the water source and to conserve it. After repeated efforts for 8 years (from 2003 to 2011), the dying and bleaching units that were located near the river were shut down and the hazardous discharges from these industries were completely eradicated. There are two major dams in the Noyyal River. They are Orathuppalayam and Aathupalyam. Orathuppalayam dam, located in the Thirupur district’s Chennimalai, is currently decommissioned. The other dam, Aathupalayam Dam, is located in Vellakoil in Karur district.


The Noyyal River originates from the Vellingiri Hills in the might Western Ghats in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The Noyyal River flows into the Cauvery River near Erode district’s Kodumudi. Many rivulets join the Noyyal River all along its path. However, none of these rivulets is permanent and only during the rainy season, these contain water. Currently, there are around 23 check dams in this river.

Nearby Attractions

Some of the major attractions near Noyyal River are:

Avinashi Temple

The Avinashi temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The most unusual aspect of this temple is that the sanctum sanctorum of Ambal is towards the right of the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Avinashiappar. There is also a shrine dedicated to Kala Bhairavar here. Lots of devotees come here to offer Vada Mala at this shrine. The ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) recognises this temple as a protected monument.

Tirupur Kumaran Memorial Statue

Tourists who are interested to know about the historical aspects of the place can visit this tourist site. Here apart from the statue of the famous freedom fighter, Tirupur Kumaran, there is also an art gallery here that explains the freedom movement. Just close to this is the famous garment market of Tirupur, where many kinds of garments are available at throwaway prices.

Some of the other tourist attractions that are found here are Ayyan Kovil, Tirumoorthy Dam, Orathuppalayam Dam, Uthukuli Murugan temple, Silver Beach, Jain Temple, Kadu Anumathraya Swamy temple etc.

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