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Kodaikanal Lake

Kodaikanal is the “Princess of Hill Stations” and is one of the most popular tourist spots in Tamailnadu. The hill station was established in 1845 and has a history to it. The city is located in the Dindigul district and has a beautiful lake called as the Kodaikanal Lake. This is the man-made lake and the then collector of Madurai was responsible for creating the lake in 1863. The lake is one of the most geographical landmarks and a very attractive tourist destination in the country. Many tourists can have the leisure to walk around the lake, stay in hotels along the lake, sail on, and ride on horses or bicycles and boating. The beautiful landscaped man made wonder allows boating in very less prices. There are several shops and restaurants around the lake where tourists can shop the local things and enjoy local cuisines. The Lake is just 3 kilometer than the bus stand and is a hotbed of fun. Kodaikanal is a perfect place to spend some peaceful and relaxing days along with your loved ones in the lap of nature.


The Kodaikanal Lake is located in the city of Kodaikanal and is located geographically 10 degree 14 Minutes latitude and 77 degree 28 Minute longitudes. The lake is at the 2285 meter above the sea level. The lake has a magnificent start shaped and looks like it has the sparkling water. The area of the Kodai Lake is over 60 acres and the average depth of the lake is 3.0 meters. Sir Vere Henry Levinge has transformed a marshy lakeside into an extravagant lake. The lake is surrounded by a well maintained road where a lot of fun activities can be done. One can stay beside the lake in numerous accommodation options the city provides and visiting the sunset and sunrise can be an unforgettable experience here. Boating rides, flower shows and many other activities are very common here.


Kodaikanal Lake experiences an annual rainfall of 1650mm. The water that goes out from the lake forms a waterfall of approximately 180 feet. This waterfall is known as the Silver Cascade. The climate here is very beneficial, health giving across the year. The summer can be 19.8 degree maximum and 8.3 degree minimum.  


Kodaikanal means the “The Gift of the Forest” in Tamil and a lot of rare flora and fauna can be found here. A unique flowering plant called as Kurinji can be found in the catchment area of the Kodaikanal Lake. The flower blooms once in every 12 years.

Aqua Fauna

The lake has a dense growth of the Aqua fauna. Many types of macrophytes, Diatoms, Protozoan’s and rotifers are found. Aquatic insects like the Larvae, Rasbora, molluscs, cladocerans, fish danio aequipinnatus and Gambusia affinis are found in abundance. The common fishes that are found in the lake are Rainbow Trout and Common carp.

Places of Interest

Bryant Park

This Park is very well maintained and is a botanical garden named after the forest officer from Madurai, H.D Bryant. The garden has roughly 325 species of trees and shrubs and has a large and stunning collection of flowers in the peak season.

Coaker’s Walk

This is a pedestrian path which runs along the edges of the steep slopes of the hill station giving a spectacular view. This path was constructed by Lt. Coaker in 1872 and is 1 kilometer long.

Pine Forests

Pine plantations were started in the city in 1906, considering the growing value of timber. Mr. Bryant was the first to start them. They are certainly a retreat to the visitor’s eyes and one cannot miss them.

Shembaganur Museum of Natural History

The museum is open to public except Tuesdays and has a large collection of animals, birds and insects.

Pillar Rocks

They are a set of three pillar rocks and are 122 meters high. There is a public garden adjacent to the pillars and the place is managed by the Forest department of the state.

How to Reach


Traveler’s can come to Madurai airport, which is 120 kilometers.


Kodai Road station is the nearest railway station. Kodaikanal is 80 kilometers from the station. All major trains pass through Kodai Road.


Kodaikanal is connected to all major towns and regular bus services are available. One can travel to Madurai, Thiruchirappalli, Kodai Road, Coimbatore, Chennai and Bangalore conveniently.

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