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PNR Status

PNR number was originally associated with air tickets but now PNR numbers are used for rail reservations and even booking of hotel rooms, car rentals and more.

After the computerization of the Indian Railways Ticketing System, a unique identity for each ticket was created called PNR acronym for Passenger Name Record. The PNR is a 10 digit number allocated to each and every railway ticket booked through any booking mode anywhere in the Indian Railways Central Reservation System.

Railway Tickets can be booked by two modes; at the reservation counters of the Railway Booking Offices and online. In either case the ticket issued will have a PNR number printed on the top-left side of the ticket. PNR number is also prominently displayed on an e-ticket. If the ticket is wait-listed or is reserved against cancellation (RAC), PNR should be quoted to find the current status of the ticket which can change as there are cancellations etc.

PNR is an auto-generated number by the Central Reservation System or CRS of the Indian Railways at the time of creation of the ticket. Since PNR is related to the issued ticket, the passenger has to fill the form or reservation slip so that proper and valid ticket can be issued. This information includes name of passenger/passengers, gender, age, train name or number, origin and destination of journey, date of journey, class by which the passenger wishes to travel and contact phone and address. For online booking this information has to be filled on an online form.

Online ticket booking and cancellation operations of the Indian Railways are looked after by the subsidiary of Indian Railways viz. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation or IRCTC. The website from which a passenger can book his ticket online is The passenger who books the ticket has to have an account on the IRCTC website which can be opened free of charge. As soon as the booking is complete and the i-ticket or e-ticket is issued, the passenger can see the PNR number on the ticket.

At a later time or date, the passenger can access the ticket that has been booked after he or she logs into his or her IRCTC account, to view or print it. Only the person who has an account on the IRCTC website can book his own ticket or book someone else’s ticket from his account or view any ticket that has been booked by him or print a copy of it. After booking a ticket online, a text message is sent to the mobile number that has been mentioned on the booking form online, which gives all the details of the booked ticket such as PNR, Train No. Date of Journey, Class, Origin and Destination of Journey, name of the Passenger, Coach and Seat/ Berth no., Fare plus any other charges. This mobile number need not be the registered mobile number of the person holding the IRCTC account.

The PNR number remains unchanged for the ticket that is issued and will remain the same even if the status of reservation changes. The PNR will change only if some passengers on the ticket cancel their journey or if the itinerary is changed.

Information Needed for Generating PNR

The PNR is generated only when the ticket is issued and for the ticket to be issued the following information has to be given either on a Reservation slip when booking from a Rail Reservation Centre or in the form when booking online from the IRCTC website. The Computerised Reservation System issues rail tickets in either case and all information asked is mandatory for ticket to be issued and PNR to be generated.

  • Name of passenger or names age and sex of each passenger travelling collectively as a group.
  • If a travel agent is booking the ticket contact details of the travel agent. If you are booking your own ticket, your contact details have to be given in full.
  • Details of Journey: Train number or Train name, date of travel, name of origin and destination stations, Class of travel
  • Forward journey or return journey details

Modes of Checking PNR Status

The PNR number is a 10-digit numeral that can be found on the top left side of a railway ticket. It is a unique number that indicates the identity of the rail ticket on which it is printed. It is the reference that can give you all the information that the ticket holds such as the passengers, their age and sex, the train number and name, the date of the journey and the status of the ticket i.e. whether confirmed or reserved against cancellation or wait listed and the coach and seat number in case the ticket is confirmed.

One can get the PNR status or all the information of the ticket related to the PNR by many ways. PNR status can be checked online on IRCTC website and other websites that provide this facility such as Cleartrip. PNR status can also be found by telephone or even by sending SMS from a mobile phone which is replied with the PNR status

PNR Status by Online Mode

It is easy to check PNR status online on the IRCTC website. On the home page of the site is an Enquiry tab which takes you to Enquiry page which has PNR Enquiry on it. By clicking PNR Enquiry you come to Passenger Current status page where you have to enter the 10 digit PNR number and click on the Get Status button. This interface can be used to check PNR status of any valid ticket of Indian Railways without concern of zone or division i.e. the ticket can be of any zone; Northern Railway or Eastern Railway or Central Railway and so on.

PNR Status through SMS

Passengers can check PNR status or status of their railway reservation through mobile phone or landline phone by calling 139 from BSNL, MTNL, Airtel, Vodafone etc . It is also possible to check PNR status by SMS or text messaging service of mobile phones. The passenger has to send an SMS or text message to 57886 using the mobile phone with the PNR number and there will be a reply to your message giving the relevant information related to the PNR sent.

Indian Railways have extended the SMS facility to answer other enquiries such as train arrival and departure, train status, seat availability, train schedule, fare etc. If one wishes to know the list of available information and the related SMS command, simply type TRAIN and send to 5676747. In reply you will get a message that reads Welcome to Railzone. Reply with PNR - PNR Status, TL - Train List, TA - Ticket Availability, and so on. You can check PNR status by sending a message PNR <PNR NUMBER> to 5676747. In case the PNR is 1234567890, the answer will be like:: PNR 1234567891, 1. RAC 33, 2. Confirmed AS2 34, 2952 Mumbai Rajdhani, New Delhi - Kota, 17 Aug. Here 1. means passenger no. 1 whose status is RAC 33 and 2. Is passenger 2 with confirmed seat in coach AS2 and berth 34 on train number 2952, which is Mumbai Rajdhani from New Delhi to Kota on 17th August.

Lost Train Ticket

In case you have lost the train ticket another train ticket, duplicate of the original can be issued on payment of some charges called Clerkage charges which are Rs. 20 per passenger, however, it is not possible to get refund on the lost ticket.

It is important that as soon as you realize that you have lost the ticket, you report the loss to the Railway Reservation Centre so that any fraudulent refund on the lost ticket is prevented.

In case the ticket that is lost is a ticket bought from the counter of a Railway Reservation Centre then the Chief Reservation Supervisor (CRS) at the centre should be informed of the loss of the ticket. Here ID Proof has to be shown and a duplicate ticket will be issued by the CRS only if status of the ticket is confirmed or RAC.

In case the lost ticket is an E-ticket booked online, it is easier as all that needs to be done is print another copy by logging in to your account on the IRCTC website.

Duplicate ticket is not issued in case of lost RAC ticket or waitlisted ticket or torn or mutilated tickets.

If the lost train ticket is found, and if this original ticket is submitted along with the duplicate that has been issued prior to the departure of the train, you can get a refund on the duplicate ticket after 5% of the charge paid are deducted, if this amount is less than Rs. 20, then a minimum of Rs. 20 are deducted.

If the ticket is mutilated or torn, and the ticket was of status Confirmed or RAC, and if it is submitted before chart preparation, duplicate ticket can be issued,

If the ticket is torn or lost or destroyed on the train and at the same time an excess charge has been paid on the train, an application has to be made to the Railway Administration to get a refund of excess charges. After due enquiry refund of total charges will be made by the Chief Commercial Manager of the Zonal Railways only in case no refund has been taken on the original ticket by anyone else.

Cancellation of Tickets

Railway tickets can be cancelled at reservation counters in case of PRS tickets or from the IRCTC website in case of E Tickets booked online.

Charges for Cancellation of Ticket before Chart Preparation

The charges for cancellation of ticket are different at different times. The final reservation chart is prepared 4 hours prior to the time of departure of the train.

If the ticket is confirmed or RAC

  • 25% of total fare is deducted for journey of up to 500 kms.
  • 10% of total fare is deducted in case the journey is more than 500 kms.
  • For special trains such as Rajdhani, Shatabdi Express, 25% of total fare is deducted without consideration to distance.

Charges for Cancellation of Ticket after Chart Preparation

In case the ticket is confirmed or RAC, 50% of total fare is deducted.

If the ticket is waitlisted, the full amount after deduction of clerkage fee is refunded.

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