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Royal Rajasthan On Wheels

Indian Railways has started a new Luxury train equipped with all the modern amenities.  Designed with grandeur like palace on wheels, it has swept the tourists off their feet. Its advent in 2009 changed the scenario of tourist landscape because people enjoyed plush environment along with other comforts.  One can watch majestic forts and splendid palaces which are epitomes of opulence and luxury.  Interwoven with exquisite design of traditional and contemporary style, Royal Rajasthan on wheels presents an array of charming moments for tourists.


Entwined with vivid imagination, Royal Rajasthan on wheels explores hitherto secrets and mysteries of Indian culture. It is immersed in an avalanche of exorbitance and welcomes the guest with an open arm. Exemplary services and delectable cuisines continues to the entice tourists. Various facets of superbly styles facilities are as follows:


Train is adorned with 14 extremely luxurious cabins which are named according to different palaces located across Rajasthan.  Although in terms of opulence they are unparalleled however cabins are categorized into deluxe and super deluxe salons. Top notch entertainment such as satellite TV channels and free Wi-Fi allows people to connect with their friends and business colleagues, not to speak of climate control alternatives. Cabin names are christened based on monuments such as Hawa Mahal, Padmini Mahal and kishori Mahal. 


Moving palace is endowed with two dining cars namely Swarn mahal and Sheesh mahal. The former is designed uniquely using brass and gold whereas the latter deploys some splendid floor lamps and astounding crystal pelmets. Multi cultural cuisines along with spectacular wines are available to guests who can enjoy the moment in comfort and style.  Chinese, continental and traditional Indian foods are served to the foodies relishing their palettes with exquisite taste. Meal is offered in specialized handmade cutlery and crockery enhancing the experience by many notches.


Souvenir coaches are available to the visitors where they could indulge in shopping of beer mugs, leather goods and other assortments. One can also purchase an exclusively designed photo frame for preserving memories of the trip.


Royal Spa is included as an important distraction for tourists. They can relax while undertaking trip through deserts of Rajasthan.


Sumptuous meals are accompanied by some of the most famous international brands of alcoholic beverages. Cognac, liquor and vodka are served with snacks as well as dinner. Premium wines can change the taste of palettes in addition to awe-inspiring cuisine.

Other Specifics

Unparalleled hospitality and impeccable customer services are unique selling point of the Train. Elegant cabins with world class shopping experience would bedazzle tourists.

People are not allowed to smoke inside the train which is good for health of the passengers.

Channel music system accompanied by public address system is present during the trip. Safe deposit box is provided in each of the cabin. It ensures security to passengers. A mobile library on train keeps people engrossed during the journey. Since it is a long tour, laundry services are available to the visitors.

Break in the trip is accompanied by AC buses that would help in sightseeing of different cities in Rajasthan.

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