Nagaland - "Land of Festivals"

The state of Nagaland is commonly called as land of festivals as various tribes celebrate their beautiful and unique seasonal festivals with a feast of music and pageantry of zeal.


Why Visit Nagaland

Nagaland is a popular and a beautified landscape North eastern region of India which has always attracted innumerable tourists because of its interesting places, mind blowing wild life and tribal trips etc.


Nagaland - Explore an Unexplored Part of India

The beautiful and lively state of Nagaland is located in the far North Eastern part of India. It is enclosed within the states of Assam in the West, Myanmar in the east, Arunachal Pradesh and part of Assam in the North and Manipur in the South. Its rich heritage is beyond compare.

Even among Indians, Nagaland is comparatively an unexplored part of India. It is part of the seven states on the north eastern belt of the vast Indian subcontinent. Famous as the “seven sisters”, this group of states is majorly untouched by the Central Government. Even though this has resulted in the lack of basic amenities, railway routes etc. but this also means that the natural beauty of the state remains intact.

Being one of the smaller states of the region, Nagaland is not densely populated and is bordered by Myanmar. Nagaland has the states of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam towards its north eastern and north western boundaries respectively. Assam also covers the western boundary and Manipur lies towards its south. Most locals of this tourist friendly state are well versed in English.

Actually, this state cannot be divided into the southern and northern part as such.

This state full of natural beauty and serenity is every adventurer’s dream. With numerous hotels providing the best of facilities at affordable prices, this state doesn’t fail to attract luxury travelers as well. The breath taking hillock, the striking mountains, the beautiful streaming lakes are picture perfect.

In Nagaland, a stream or lake will be there to surprise you every time you decide to go for a trek out in the wilderness. There are several brooks and tributaries, flowing freely within the state making the trip Nagaland a truly memorable one. The native tribal people that you are bound to run into, are more than happy to help the tourists with anything from home cooked sumptuous food and milk to shelter to travel supplies. This is not an agricultural state and so you wouldn’t find many states here.

The best way to travel within the state is to rent a car as the train tracks far and few. It is not difficult to find car rental services that are located along all highways just on the outskirts of major cities. These are affordable as well.
The biggest city of the state is Dimapur while Kohima is the capital. The capital city offers a comfortable stay to tourists. Being well connected to the rest of the state, this can be the base camp for tourists. Several lakes, running through mountains offer picturesque views of nature at its best.

Numerous tribal festivals are celebrated throughout the year by different tribes. Thus, there is no off season or good time to visit Nagaland and it can be visited any time of the year. With sporadic rains, the weather is generally boisterous. Non Indian travelers require permits to travel within the state due to the rough history of Nagaland. These permits can be availed easily at the New Delhi office of Home Ministry.

Visiting Nagaland is an enriching experience. The peace and calm that you are looking for can definitely be found here. The lovely plateaus and enticing valleys of this beautiful state can make you want to get up or stare at the magnificent mountain enveloped in fog.

Fairs & Festivals in Nagaland

The fairs and festivals in Nagaland exhibit the true essence of rich culture and traditions here. There are religious fairs, seasonal tribal fairs and much more on this land.

Fair & Festival (Moatsu, Sekrenyi, Sankarni, The Hornbill Festival, Monyu - Phom, Moatsu Mong - Ao, Tuluni, Amongmong, Aoling Monyu, Chakhesang, Konyak Festival, Metemneo, Nazu Festival, Yemshe Festival)



Attractions In Nagaland

Notable Personalities From Nagaland

Some of the notable personalities of Nagaland include Lhoulienyu Suokhrie, who was a Naga leader and a part of Simon Commission, A.Z. Phizo, a Secessionist leader etc.

Culture in Nagaland

The Nagaland people pride themselves with rich culture which is basically influenced by the tribal people and their remarkable crafts and sumptuous food adding to its scenic beauty.

Activities in Nagaland

The picturesque state of Nagaland is basically a hill station and therefore is a preferred destination for activities such as angling, trekking and camping etc besides other outdoor activities here.