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Facilities On Board

Deccan Odyssey details can show the perfection in the interior touch of royal and delicate decorations. Amenities made available on this luxury train are state-of-the-art, allowing a unique experience for the tourists. These include a wide range of serves, such as cabins with world class accommodations, restaurants serving multicuisine delicacies, lounges for sitting, conference facilities and a spa for rejuvenation of health. Comfort of the highest quality and pampered arrangements mark the facilities provided through Deccan Odyssey, making the guests feel special.

Since the day of start of journey of this beautiful and luxurious train, the facilities have been refurbished and maintained, allowing the tourists to have better experience with every passing year. High tech facilities are being introduced in successive years, which have become an alluring opportunity for various tourists. Touring Maharashtra on this luxurious train on wheels can get more exciting and scintillating. Some of the facilities on board are given below for the benefit and perusal of the travelers.

Deccan Odyssey on Board Facilities

  • Library
  • Bar
  • Channel Music
  • Special Suite for Physically challenged
  • Fully loaded mini pantry in each coach
  • Telephone in each saloon
  • Television in each coach
  • Plasma TV in Lounge Car
  • PA System/ 6 Channel Music System
  • Lounge in each passenger car
  • Assistance for Luggage Collection
  • Arrival Kit
  • A complimentary bottle of wine courtesy the Deccan Odyssey in all the rooms.
  • Mailbox
  • Medical aid
  • Separate bar car for the smoking guests
  • Packaged Water
  • News Papers / Magazines
  • Toiletries
  • Wide collection of classic & non-classics films and music on channel


Representing the royalty of the maharajas of the bygone days, the accommodations for the guests have been arranged in Deccan Odyssey with comfortable furniture and amenities of personalized nature. With the addition of high quality services, travelling in the train inside the cabins of deluxe range is an unique experience. The feeling of the grandeur of the interior designing is experienced when these elegant cabins are booked, which clearly reflect the suitability of the décor with the external environment. Large cabins provide enough space, for free movement. Each of the coach has been decorated in style with the different eras of Deccan history and has been fitted with suitable safe, bathrooms, telephone, air conditioning and an attendant to look into the personal requirements of the guests at every hour.

Dining & Cuisines

Two restaurants, Peshwa I and II are present in Deccan Odyssey, offering multicuisine delicacies, which have interiors decorated in the best designs, further adding flavor to the gourmet offered in these restaurants, by stewards, who are attired in Maharashtra’s traditional dress. Since these restaurants offer a wide range of oriental, Indian and continental dishes, guests have plenty of delicacies to choose from. Restaurants are filled with fresh and welcoming aroma of dishes in Deccan Odyssey. Inside the restaurants, the ambience is quite relaxed and the calmness of the stewards and their hospitality and the constantly changing visuals of outside sceneries allow the guests to feel the best with each bite of their delicacies.


Bar on the train, Mumbai High, is a place, where some of the best types of spirits and wines from different parts of the world are provided. Non-alcoholic drinks are also served in the bar in a somber atmosphere. Bar decorations have been done in elegant but simplistic style, which is sure to drive away the fatigue of the entire day’s trip and excursion to various locations. One can unwind and become relaxed in the Mumbai High, inside the Deccan Odyssey, with a wine glass in the hand.

Sitting Lounge

Getting bored in the train journey on Deccan Odyssey is not a possibility, but still, the luxury train offers the guests the luxurious lounge for sitting, relaxing and chatting with other travelers, while they are going to the next destination. Books are also made available on these lounges, where interested readers can delve deep into the writing skills of prominent authors.

Conference Car

Since there are many travelers from the corporate industry, the conference rooms have been arranged on the Deccan Odyssey. There are facilities of high end in terms of equipments for audio and visual needs for creating a great environment for business deals. To meet the different requirements of corporate works, hospitality is offered as required by the travelers.

Health Spa

Since the travelers would surely seek a relaxing environment during the travel in Deccan Odyssey, this need is fulfilled by having a health spa on the train, where these travelers can get refreshed and get therapies of massage and spa. These methods have been brought from the traditional ayurvedic science, where the rejuvenation secrets have been incorporated to give the travelers, the best in regenerating experiences.

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