Maharashtra Specials

Maharashtra, the second most populous state in India, is also the richest and the third largest state in the country. It represents the convergence of diverse cultures, lifestyles and customs. It also has a rich geographic diversity. No wonder it is such a delight to visit Maharashtra.

There are several unique tourism packages that help encourage tourism in the state. Maharashtra is admired for its wonderful features and has a magical effect on its visitors.

Maharashtra Specials

Here is a list of special places in Maharashtra that can be visited to experience the splendor of the state.


Here you can witness two famous world heritage sites. These are the wonderful cave paintings of Ajanta and the splendid rock cut caves of Ellora. Bibi ka Maqbara, which is an imitation of Taj Mahal, must also be visited. The Ghrishneshwar temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is a popular temple of the region that is visited by the devotees. If you are interested in art and culture, the Buddhist caves are just right for you.


Barely 171 Km from Mumbai, Matheran has been a tourists paradise for long. It is a popular a weekend getaway and this hill station spread over an area of 8 squares Km.


Famous as the queen of hill stations, Mahabaleshwar is an important part of Maharashtra Tour package. The scenic beauty of the hill and the beautiful sea is spell-binding.


It is the mountain retreat in the Krishna Valley. The wood of the hills are covered with thick canopies and a walk can be enjoyed through these woods. This place will bring you closer to nature. There are a total of five hills in the region and there is also the flat mountain peak of Panchgani which is known widely for its natural beauty.


A trip to Maharashtra cannot be complete without visiting Khandala. This hill station gives a panoramic view of the surrounding lush green region. There are a number of trekking trails to keep you engaged. The green cover of the area is strikingly beautiful. This place is a perfect get away from the hustle and bustle of the noisy city life.


Lonavala is a nature lover’s paradise. Here, you will see nature at its best. This place has waterfalls, valleys, hills, cool breeze and a very soothing environment. The beautiful mountains reaching up to the sky and the morning sunrise will win over your heart.

These were just a few of the special places in Maharashtra that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Apart from this, the entire state is full of diverse cultures and several beautiful things that are worth visiting. A trip to these places will keep you engaged and you will be amazed at how much the state has to offer to tourists.

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