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Hyderabad is considered to be one of the best places in India. The rich culture and tradition of Hyderabad is just fabulous and that is why, it is referred as the destination which connects North and South India. Apart from being the most developed cities of India, it is also known to have the second largest film industry as well. Hyderabad is also an IT hub with lots of professionals working in different areas. People speak a variety of Languages like Urdu, Hindi and Telugu. If you visit Hyderabad, do not miss the experience to try the tasty cuisines which are just amazing and mouth watering. You will surely love the taste of different dishes prepared at famous restaurants like Cafe Bahar, Spice King, Golden Persis at Paradise Corner, Madina etc.

The journey from Mumbai to Hyderabad can be covered in 11 hours and 2 mins with the total distance being 712.6 kms.


Another fabulous destination which is located close to Mumbai is Goa. It is one of the favorite destinations of many people and is known for their pristine beach which catches the attention of many. Most of the tourists get attracted to the lovely beaches and the exclusive seafood which is the Specialty of Goa. Not only the local tourists but even the foreign tourists love to come here. Goa lies in between Karnataka and Maharashtra, therefore it is rightly called as the Portuguese enclave of India. It is because Goa is greatly influenced by the Portuguese since 450 years with Latin culture being in its roots. Some of the worth visiting places in and around Goa are Fort Aguada, Bom Jesus Basilica, finest beaches and heritage museum. Even the wax museum is also very famous and most visited by the tourists.

You can reach Goa in just 9 hours with the total distance between Mumbai and Goa being 609.3 kms.


Ahmedabad is one of the most beautiful cities of Gujarat and is visited by lots of people. You not only get a chance to explore the rich culture of Gujarat but you will surely go crazy by seeing the enthusiasm of the people. The Garba dance of Ahmedabad is very famous and you should not miss the chance of enjoying the performance. If you wish to spend a peaceful time with your family or spouse, Ahmedabad offers complete fun and excitement.

Owing to such a beautiful environment, many people have settled down here and are living a wonderful life. The harmony among the people is worth seeing and that is why, it is a cool yet calm place for the visitors to enjoy fully. So come to Ahmedabad and enjoy a fabulous time that you have been looking for.

The total distance between Mumbai and Ahmedabad is only 531.8 kms, therefore you can reach your destination in 7 hours and 10 mins.


Surat is a well known destination famous for its diamonds and other kinds of gems. It is not only the biggest trading centre but also attracts the attention of the people through its glorious historical background, Mughal architecture, famous products and lots more. The city has a great combination of ethnic as well as a cultural style which is quite appealing and impresses the people. You can enjoy the local streets of Surat which are crowded with people and do not miss the experience to taste the mouth watering dishes.

You can reach Surat in 4 hours 10 mins as the distance is only 285.3 kms.


Indore is yet another beautiful city which is known for its cultural values and vibrant atmosphere which is highly appreciated by the people. In ancient times, this city was ruled by some of the greatest rulers of their time which truly explains the presence of splendid historical monuments. The tourists can definitely have a splendid time in visiting Indore and its nearby attractions. If you are fond of unveiling the historical facts, you have come to the right place as Indore is a fascinating destination.

The total journey of 538.8 kms can be covered in 8 hours and 15 mins only.


Diu is one of the most captivating and fascinating destinations of India. If you are a nature lover, you will surely love this place which is known to be a musical treat for your eyes and mind. If you are looking for a refreshing trip, you can visit Diu. The small islands and the serenity can be best enjoyed by the couples. It is also a perfect honeymoon destination for the couples and a family spot as well. The picturesque location and the beautiful beaches make it one of the finest destinations to be visited by the tourists.

During the prehistoric times, Diu was under the rulership of many popular kings of that time. Till 1961, Diu was a part of the Portuguese colony but was separated in 1987. It was an important destination for naval base as the rulers used to control the shipping routes.

The total distance between Diu and Mumbai is 806 kms.

Dadra and Nagar Haveli

Dadra and Nagar Haveli are well known for its cool climate that seeks the attention of the people. While visiting Dadra and Nagar Haveli you will come across many attractions and sightseeing options that will surely leave you surprised. The famous pilgrimage destinations are located here with people turning out in large numbers to seek the blessings. This destination has a perfect blend of the traditional and modern style thus celebrating lots of festivals like World Tourism day, Kite festival and Tarpa festival. For more information about the tourism of this city, you can visit the official website. The tourism centre is also located in Silvassa from where you can receive complete information.

Dadra and Nagar Haveli are only 180 kms away from Mumbai with lots of travel options available before the tourists.


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