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Weather In Maharashtra

The climate of Maharashtra is tropical monsoons as it receives a heavy rainfall during the monsoon season with the summers being hot and winters being chilly. The summer season starts in March or April and continues till June when the monsoon showers are enjoyed by the people. During May, the summers are really hot as well as unbearable. Thunderstorms are quite common in Maharashtra and change the climate to a great extent. The first week of June brings monsoon in the state making the climate pleasant and ideal for the tourists. Showers of rain can be enjoyed in July and August experiencing lots of rain. By the end of September, the monsoon seasons goes and the winters are about to start. October is the start of the winter which continues till February and December being the coldest month. So the overall climate during the winters is cool with a breeze blowing during the evenings.

The summer season especially the month of March is just intolerable for the people. Sometimes the heavy rains also disturb the life of the people as it becomes difficult to reach the workplaces and other important destinations. On an average, Maharashtra receives rainfall from June to September with the Konkan and Sahydria regions being more affected by it. The Central Maharashtra enjoys rainfall from June to early October with September experiencing heavy rainfall. Even the Vidarbha region experiences a lot of rainfall in July, August and September with people really enjoying a lot. In short, you can say that various regions enjoy different amount of rainfall depending on the zone in which they lie.  But monsoon is always unpredictable and it is difficult to say anything about it. The rainwater in Maharashtra is not properly utilized and this is the reason that during the summer season, many areas face the problem of inadequate supply of water.


The summer season in Maharashtra begins from March and end around May. After May, the showers of rain can be enjoyed thus lowering the high temperatures. During the summers, the average temperature is somewhat around 22 deg C to 40 deg C which makes it difficult to move out of your homes. Therefore summer is not the ideal time to travel Maharashtra with the temperatures being very high thus making the climate hot and humid.


As compared to the northern India, Maharashtra receives the rainfall and very early and this is the reason that summers last here only for a short duration. The mid June is the time when the monsoon season first comes in and it continues till September and even October in some of the regions. The amount of rainfall varies from region to region but July and August are the two months when heavy rainfall is experienced in the different regions. Monsoons not only bring relief but change the atmosphere as well.


The winter season is Maharashtra begins from October with the climate becoming cool and pleasant. As the winter season proceeds, the coming months of November and December become slightly chilly. So the winters start from October and continue till February. The average temperature during the winters can range from 12 deg C to 25 deg C. Thus you can say that the winter season is quite ideal for visiting Maharashtra.


The rainy season in Maharashtra brings a pleasant atmosphere that the tourists enjoy. Some of the regions like Vidarbha, Konkan and Sahydria enjoy heavy rainfall. Central Maharashtra as well as regions including Thane, Ratnagiri, Raigad and Sindhudurg experience average rainfall of about 200 cm. There are some areas that experience scanty rainfall of 50 cm including Pune, Sangli, Jalgoan, Kolhapur, Solapur, Satara and many more.

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