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How To Reach Maharashtra

Maharashtra is considered to be one of the most important states of India in terms of advancements. Some of the major cities like Pune, Mumbai and Nagpur are a part of this state and attracts local as well as international tourists. The top attractions within the state are sure to catch the attention of the people and this is the reason that it's a popular and most visited states of India.

So it is obvious that the tourists would like to know more about the ways to reach Maharashtra through different destinations. The best part is that Maharashtra is connected to different cities with various modes of transport, therefore, visitors will not face any problem. The four main modes of transport are road, air, rail and sea. You can choose any of the transportation options which are easy as well as affordable too. So, here is a brief information about the different modes of transport available to reach Maharashtra.

By Air

The best way to reach Maharashtra is through the airways. Mumbai is one of the major cities with both the domestic as well as an international airport. Both these airports are situated to the north which is reachable by taxis and buses. In total, 37 different airlines are available for the domestic and international routes. You can catch flights to destinations like Middle East, Asia, Europe, Chicago, New York etc. Excellent facilities are being offered to the international visitors so that they can enjoy their trip to India. Sahara International Airport is located 10 km from downtown and offers top notch services of exchange, immigration and baggage too. Once you move out of the airport, you will find taxis to reach your destination.

By Train

Mumbai is known to have a well connected rail network through western and central line. One of the busiest railway stations of Mumbai is CST from where you can easily get trains that travel on different routes. Trains that come from northern India usually arrive at Bombay Central. You can reach both the stations by hiring taxis or through the city buses.

By Road

The city buses of Mumbai are considered to be the best option to explore the local areas. Most of the buses terminate at the Asiad Bus Stand which is located at Dadar. Being on the national highway route, Mumbai is connected to all the cities and towns so you can definitely find excellent bus facilities to reach Mumbai. NH 3 route is connected to Gwalior and Indore while NH 8 route leads to Ahmedabad and Delhi. Through NH4 route you can head towards Pune.  Mumbai is also a trading hub handling about 1/6th of the total Indian trade. You can also try the ferry service with this facility being available at the Ferry Wharf located at the Gateway of India or Prince’s Dock. There is a separate railway line which connects the central as well as the western railways through the railway yard.

By Sea

As many cities of Maharashtra are located on the banks, therefore you can easily reach there through ships. Apart from being a major international port, Mumbai also has minor ports as well. Therefore, if you are looking for a fabulous experience, you can take the sea route to reach Mumbai and other destinations.

Finding Your Feet

Apart from the above transport modes, the local trains of Mumbai continue to be the cheapest option before the people. There are two main stations: CST and Church Gate that connect with various stations of Mumbai. Even the local buses are considered to be the safest means of transport and this service is offered by BEST (Birhanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport). If you wish to travel small distances, you can take the help of taxis and auto rickshaws which are easily available at different junctions. So as per your requirement, you can avail any of the options which are suitable to your budget. The open air buses provide a unique experience of exploring Mumbai in a different way. These are cheap and a great way to enjoy Mumbai.

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