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Getting Around Maharashtra

Maharashtra is known for its best and easy transportation options that allow you to travel from one destination to the other. Road and rail are the two common options which are used by local people as well as tourists. If you wish to travel in and around Maharashtra, you can hire a taxi from the various travel agencies. Thus, you can easily explore the attractions of Maharashtra and enjoy a pleasant time here. You can even take the help of local buses to move from one place to the other.

When we travel to any destination, we look forward to a great and fun filled trip. But to travel around, it is very important to be familiar with the transportation options in the city or state. This helps you to make the best use of your time and complete your trip. Using the public transport is the best way to enjoy your trip as you get well versed with the different routes and you come in contact with the local people as well. So it is a great opportunity to enjoy your trip in a better way. If you are looking for complete information about the transport modes in Maharashtra, you have come to the right place.

Maharashtra is considered to be the second largest Indian state. With its population being very high, the state government has made an effort to provide a seamless experience to travel around with the cheapest transport modes available all throughout the state. You can take the help of local buses to travel around the state or even hire a taxi if you wish to enjoy a memorable time with your family. Maharashtra is well connected to other states and countries through excellent airways facilities.

The road transport in this state is managed by MSRTC and there are about 16000 buses which ply on around 17000 different routes. The Maharashtra Road transport system ensures that the people enjoy a safe and comfortable experience of travelling through the buses. The national highways cover the distance of 3000 kms while the state highways run up to 30000 kms. Thus, the local residents and visitors can enjoy an excellent experience of travelling on different routes and destinations.


The rail network of Maharashtra easily connects the major as well as small cities of India. This network is spread up to 5554 kms and around 6 million people travel everyday. The number of passengers travelling by train is definitely higher than any other transport mode. The western as well as central railways are responsible for the efficient working and ensure a smooth experience. The Western line of the rail network begins from Churchgate and ends at Dahanu road. Many EMUs and MEMUs run to and fro carrying lots of daily passengers. The stations covered in the route are Dadar, Mumbai central, Andheri, Borivalli, Bandra, Vasai, Malad etc.

Even the Central Line is an important transportation system which includes three corridors. Two of them start from Chhatrapati Shivaji and end at Kalyan while the other one takes a different route. In this line too, there are fast as well as slow trains to suit your comfort level. The stations covered through this line are Panvel, Kalyan, Titwala, Kopar, Atgaon, Karjat, Khardi and many more.

The Konkan Railway project is one of the finest rail networks that connect Karnataka and Goa. This line is fully developed with excellent services being provided to the passengers. The network covers a route of 760 kms with 53 stations being covered during the entire journey.

So if you wish to move from one place to another in Mumbai, you can depend on the local taxis as well as the trains. Though they are not much efficient but are popular modes of transport in this city. In total there are 961 local trains which carry lots of people.


Maharashtra is also known for the finest bus services that provides a lovely experience. You can come across a variety of buses that include local buses, deluxe buses and air condition buses. The red coloured buses are the local buses which run on different routes of the state and connect the remote areas as well. The best part is that the fare of these buses is quite cheap and suitable for everyone’s budget. Special discounts are provided to students, military personnel and senior citizens as well. A lot of improvement has been in the bus facility with comfortable seats and expanding the routes to reach every corner of the state.

The semi luxury buses provide superior services but have a slightly higher fare. These are usually in white and green shade with comfortable seats that are greatly enjoyed by the travellers. Such types of buses run on various routes like Nasik-Pune, Nasik-Mumbai, Satara-Mumbai etc. Shivneri is another class of air condition buses which are usually light blue in colour but it runs only on a few routes. ‘Sheetal’ is another superb bus service whose fare is quite expensive. Through these trains you can travel to Pune and other nearby cities too.

You can also come across special buses which run during the festivals or specific occasions. One such service is Yatra which has been started by MSRTC and takes you to the wonderful destinations of Mumbai like Daulatabad, Ajanta-Ellora caves and many more. There are a few buses which are meant to carry the couriers as well as cargoes only.

Thus you can say that buses are the best mode of transport to travel any destination of your choice. From the city buses to Volvo and Sheetal, you can have great fun exploring Maharashtra in a unique way. Auto rickshaws can also be hired to travel smaller distances.

Nilambari Buses

The open Deck buses in Mumbai provide an outstanding experience to enjoy the local city in a different style. The Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) has introduced this service to provide a fun filled experience. You will be provided with a guide who will tell you about the city, the life of people, attractions and lots more. Hence you can easily explore the historical monuments and the modern attractions in an exclusive way.


If you want to hire a taxi, you can easily find to travel within or outside the city. You can take the help of travel agencies to provide better services and at affordable prices. You can hire private taxis and bargain them for a reasonable cost.

Auto Rickshaws

If you want to travel within the city, you can go for auto rickshaws which are available at different junctions. This mode of transport is perfect for shorter distances and easily available too. Though most of the auto rickshaws move by meter but there are few who do not so you can bargain in such cases and then travel to your destination.


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