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Best Time To Visit Maharashtra

The temperature variations in Maharashtra do not have a greater impact as the rainfall does. Due to the common tropical conditions throughout the state, even hill stations are not very cold. The lower winter temperatures are ideal for the growth of gram, wheat, linseed and grapes which are important crops. High summer temperature gives rise to local thunder showers which are common in this region. Other local weather phenomena also occur here including dew, hailstorm and frost.

Best Time to Visit Maharashtra

A large numbers of tourists visit the state of Maharashtra. From beautiful beaches to the most revered shrines and temples and the well-known historical monuments, Maharashtra has a lot to offer to tourists who love coming here for vacations. In order to enjoy their holidays to the fullest, people prefer visiting the state when weather conditions are ideal. The best time to visit this state is between October and February.

The summers are long gone by this time and the rains are done with. So, neither would the place be sultry or depressingly hot nor would it be extremely humid which is generally the case right after rains. The climate is pleasant and comforting by October. Winter season begins in November and lasts till mid-February.

Even after the winters end, pleasant climatic conditions are maintained till early March. Thus, due to these weather conditions, October to February is the peak season for visiting Maharashtra. Unlike most northern states of India, the weather during winters in Maharashtra is cool but not extremely cold. So, if travelling to this state during winters, it is advisable to carry light woolens. All you need to do is pack your bags with a few light woolens, say goodbye to your city for a few days and set out to a wonderful trip to Maharashtra.

If you are planning to visit hill stations of Maharashtra like Mahabaleshwar and Lonavala, September to June is the perfect time. Winter months between November and February are pleasant with lowest humidity levels and cool evenings. The average summer temperature is between 22°C-39°C while in winters it ranges between 12°C-34°C on an average.

Climatic Conditions

During the hottest months of March, April and May, thunderstorms are very common throughout the state. Temperature is between 22°C-39°C during summers.

With the onset of monsoon season in the first week of June, it starts pouring in the state. The wettest month is July while August also receives good amount of rainfall. The monsoon season in the state ends in September.

From November to February, the weather is cool and dry with a gentle breeze and clear skies. But, some rainfall is also received in the eastern part of Maharashtra during this period. In general, the temperature ranges between 12°C-34°C during this period.

Maharashtra does not receive uniform rainfall throughout the state and it varies from region to region. Heavy annual rainfall of around 200 centimeters is received by Thane, Sindhudurg, Raigad, and Ratnagiri districts. The districts of Jalgaon, Nasik, Ahmednagar, Solapur, Pune, Sangli, Dhule, Satara, and parts of Kolhapur on the other hand get less than 50 centimeters of rainfall annually. Central Maharashtra receives little rainfall while most rainfall is received by the Konkan and Sahyadri in Maharashtra.  Considerable amount of rain is received by Vidarbha region from July to September under the influence of Bay of Bengal.


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