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Useful Tips Do's And Don'ts

Some of the Do’s

  • The Yatra slip is an important document which you should be possessing when you are undertaking the Yatra. These slips can be obtained free of cost from Yatra Registration Counter located near the Katra bus stand.
  • In case you fail to carry the Yatra slip, you will not be permitted to travel beyond the check post at Ban Ganga.
  • It is advisable to clarify the rates and charges of the Dolis, Porters and Ponies prior to hiring them. Please check the person for proper identity card issued by the shine board. Make a note of his registration number before entrusting him with valuable luggage. Do not pay any extra charges other than the authorized rates.
  • Please help the shrine board in maintaining the sanctity of the temple by keeping the area clean. Do not attempt to throw the items anywhere other than the dustbins. It is advisable to restrict the use of plastics and encourage the use of jute or cloth bags.
  • Visit the information centers to obtain correct information on accommodation, food, drinking water, blanket facility counters. Also, confirm the Darshan timings so that you do not have to wait for long duration.
  • Try to travel with fewer luggages and understand the meaning of the saying “less luggage more comfort”.
  • Keep all the items in the approved cloak rooms and obtain proper receipt for the same.  
  • Try and visit the Bhairon temple which is the last destination of the yatra.
  • Do not bring or eat non-vegetarian food on the trek to yatra.
  • If you are taking any specialized medicines, please carry them in adequate quantities.
  • Try to respect and help other devotees.

Some of the Don’ts

  • Electronic gadgets are not permitted on the track to the temple from Katra. Do not attempt to conceal the same and carry. Try to keep the camera, camcorder and mobile phone in safe custody.
  • Wear traditional clothes or dress which is comfortable to take the trek. Do not wear vulgar and revealing clothes. Do not make any obscene gesture and rude comments that depict vulgarity. Try and preserve the Holiness of the temple by taking the yatra with utmost devotion.  
  • Do not indulge in taking pictures at prohibited areas or organize picnics and parties on the track and inside the Bhawan.  
  • Respect the devotion and sentiments of other devotees. Do not indulge in quarrel or verbal brawls. Try to help the other people and the security personnel in all possible way.  
  • The landslide prone areas are clearly marked. Do not take rest or break at such places while on the track to the temple.  
  • Make minimum use of plastic, carry cloth or jute bags instead. This way you can contribute towards environmental cleanliness.
  • Do not wear valuable jewelery while on the trek. Do not encourage begging and restrict the use of tobacco, liquor or cigarettes. Remember that you are on a pilgrimage not on a picnic.
  • The pilgrims who are interested in taking a pony for the journey are advised to take the old route. Ponies are not allowed on the new routes, so the pilgrims with medical problems can avoid the new route.
  • Do not get into arguments with the security personnel; they are for your security.
  • Maintain strict silence in the temple, chanting of slogans or verses are not permitted inside the cave.
  • Do not offer any dakshina or tip to the employees and priests at the temple. They are paid for their job by the shrine board.


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