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How To Reach

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra can be undertaken by reaching Tibet where the pilgrimage actually takes place. Various modes of transport such as Air, Rail, Helicopter or Road can be used to reach Tibet and from then on the pilgrimage is conducted either on foot, on pony or yak and helicopter.

By Air

Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal is the nearest point one can travel by Air. Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu is an international airport which brings in travelers from all over the world. Most International airlines including Royal Nepal Airlines, the Nepalese flag-carrier operate flights to Kathmandu from India and other countries in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

By Rail

The Indian Railways operates train service which reaches you upto Kathgodam in Uttaranchal and then on the journey has to be taken by bus.

Nepal Janakpur-Jayanager Railway (NJJR) operates a freight and passenger service in the eastern Terai region after which bus transport and trekking are the only means of reaching the destination.

By Helicopter

Chartered Helicopters are operated which are a quick but expensive way to complete this pilgrimage. As compared to about a month that is normally required for the Yatra, the Helicopter Yatra can be completed in about 11 days. This is because even after using helicopter service, sufficient time has to be given for their body to acclimatize to avoid altitude sickness and other medical problems.

The pilgrimage using helicopter service can commence from India or Nepal and part of the pilgrimage has to be undertaken by driving through very rough terrain in a hardy 4 wheel-drive and also on foot or ponies and yaks.

By Road

One can use road transport all throughout the pilgrimage which could commence from Delhi. The bus journey could start in Delhi and go through Kathgodam, Bageshwar and then on to Dharchula and Tawaghat. High altitude trekking follows the bus journey through the beautiful mountains and passes of the rest of the pilgrimage from Tawaghat to Narayan Ashram, Rungling Top, Gala, Gudhi, Guji, Kalapani - Lipu Lekh Pass, Pala and Taklakot.

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