Yusmarg is located at about 47 km from Srinagar and lies in the Badgam district in J&K. This two-hour drive which leads to Yusmarg is a wonderful experience in itself because of the beautiful sights you see and stunning landscapes you cross. The word Yusmarg can be broken down as short form of Youza and marg meaning meadow. Some believe that Jesus walked across the valley while visiting Kashmir.

Located amongst the forests filled with pine trees and rolling grassy pastures sprawling over a large area of land with the background of marvelous snow-capped mountains makes the area picture perfect.

Yusmarg is also a great place to go for a hike or for picnics. It lies within a reachable distance from Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir.

This place provides a perfect location for long walks amidst the picturesque locations. One can see beautiful flower beds and grasslands across the meadows that are cherished. The other venue for those who like to trek is by Dudh Ganga River. Bouncing and gargling over the sand and rocks, this river appears like white foam from which it derives its name.

A lake called Nilnag is close to the hills, which is another well known spot. This hill consists of a number of peaks such as Tatta Kutti and Sang Safed.

There is a shrine named Charar-e-Sharif, which lies at a distance of about 13 km from Yusmarg. It belongs to saint Sheikh Noor-ud-din or Nund Reshi. Yusmarg captivates tourists with its scenic beauty, fresh reservoir and high mountains which can be compared to the European Alps. Located in Sang Safed valley, Yusmarg is well known for its unique flowers that bloom in spring.
Yusmarg is also the land of many high peaks of the Pir-Panjal range. Some of the popular ones are Tatakoti, Romesh Thong and Sunset Peak at a height of 4725m, 5000m and 4746 m above sea level respectively. From these heights, originates River Dudh Ganga. A distributory of this river flows into a reservoir.

Yusmarg has a great potential for the development of tourism because of its virginity and possibility for development as a wonderful gate away destination.


Though there is no historical evidence of how the region got its name, it is believed that Yusmarg was called Roosmarg - the meadow of deer in early days. With the passage of time, it got its modern name. Till some time ago, this region was known to have abundance of wildlife and was actually famous for the large number of deer that it supported. A lush green pasture surrounded by forest and snow clad mountains is what enchants people who visit it.

Yusmarg is indeed a trekkers’ paradise and the most popular trekking route is Tosa Maidan. This is a sprawling meadow which is used by the nomads for grazing their cattle.

This region has many springs and the one located at Khag is famous for its healing properties. There are many snow-capped slopes at Yusmarg, which makes for wonderful skiing sports for experts.



One of the most renowned shrines of India, Charar-i-Sharif is a must visit for a tourist to Yusmarg. This is a 600-year-old Muslim shrine located at a distance of about 40 km from Srinagar. This shrine was constructed to honour Sheikh Noor-ud-Din Noorani. He was a Sufi saint known for his preaching and interesting stories. It is said that he didn’t consume milk for three days after his birth. It was only when Lal Ded, a female saint, fed him with her own milk that he drank milk. On leaving, the saint said that this child was born to be her spiritual heir. It was Noorani who started Rishism in the valley, which later came to be known as Rishi Mat or Vaishnav Mat. He taught lessons of communal harmony and tolerance among people.

Tosa Maidan

Tosa Maidan is a famous pasture bounded by dense forests. It is situated about 10 km from Khag in the mountainous regions of the Himalayan range. High towering deodars fence this pasture presenting a view of a green carpet during summer. During summer, the camps of Gujjar community and shepherds graze their sheep in this pasture to present a spellbinding look. The fresh fragrance of wild flowers refreshes the environment.


At a convenient distance of 10 km from Yusmarg, one can go for trekking to Sang-e-Safed, which makes white rocks. This is the base for Mt. Tatakoti. On the way, there are many meadows like Liddermar, where one could have a night's halt. Sang-e-Safed is an oval-shaped meadow divided by Dudh Ganga stream. Mornings and evenings are extremely stimulating here.


Burga is a virgin valley situated 14 km from the town of Yusmarg. It is a group of meadows where nature looks its best and one tends to get lost in its scenic beauty. It is situated on the southwest side of Yusmarg and takes almost two and a half hours by horse ride.


Drugdolen lies between Yusmarg and Burga. It is another plain valley is surrounded by sedimentary rocks. It takes one hour from the base camp of Yusmarg by horse to reach there. The silence prevailing at Drugdolen gives peace and solace to the mind.

How to Reach

By Air

The closest airport is Srinagar.

By Road

One can take a bus only upto Charar-i-Sharif. Tourists who are keen to reach this place can take a taxi from Srinagar. However, it’s important to know that the road from Tsar-e-Sharif to Yusmarg remains closed for tourists in winters because of heavy snowfall so plan your trip accordingly.

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