Sonmarg embraces itself adjacent to the river Indus in Jammu & Kashmir. This is the only place to get an impressive view of the river other than Ladakh. The beauty of Sonmarg is truly indispensable and the snowy carpet of ice which persists even during summer months is a major attraction. The place is also famous for its fresh water trout’s.

Sonmarg, literally meaning gold, fetches its meaning from the two words, namely son and marg. Son means golden and marg meaning garden. Sonmarg is factually spread with blooming yellow flowers during the spring season and hence it practically looks like a golden garden. The transparent and rigorous waters of the Sindh track your way towards Sonmarg. There are valleys and high mountains which enclose this place and beautify its scenic appearance. Interestingly, this place is a gateway to Ladakh and the famous Amarnath Yatra.

Sonmarg offers unlimited options for trekking paths and the Thajiwas glacier is a not to miss view during summers. Roads are much more reliable during the summer months. There is small adventure treks carried out towards Vishansar, Krishansar, Gangabal and Gadsar lakes. The meadow of gold is a truly magical experience with once in a life time view and an impeccable environment.


Sonmarg played a very crucial role in the history, as it was a part of the silk route which connected Kashmir with the other gulf countries. Zozila Paas is 15 km ahead of Sonmarg and is the highest point for road transport.


Comprising a hilly terrain, Sonamarg is an alpine valley with yellow flowers blooming the foothills resting at an altitude of 2800 metres above sea level. It is almost impossible to access the place during winters due the extreme winters and high snowfall quotient during these months. The valley is surrounded by peaks of above 5000 metres namely, the Sirbal peak, kolhoi peak, amaranth peak and the Machoi peak. There are no permanent inhabitants due to the adverse living conditions found here.


Sonmarg has been blessed with a charming and resilient beauty that will be cherished for years. The main mode of transport is a hired taxi or by walking. Every view of the place is a real delight for the eyes.

Krishnasar Lake

The lake is situated at a height of 3801 m above sea level, Krishnasar Lake captivates and mesmerises with its beauty. Tourists come here to enjoy hang outs and for the fresh water trout fishing pleasure trip.


This amazing point is the juncture of mixing of two waters, one from a mountain river and the other from Indus River. The colour of the water is surprisingly red which can be easily spotted. Locals believe this water can cure any ailment and they take bath in these waters once a week.


Baltal is a meadow of green grass and mountains in its vicinity just at the foot of Zozila Pass. This is the closest point to Amarnath Cave around 5 km away where many travellers put up their camps for resting.

Adventure at Sonamarg

The Krishansar Lake, Sindh River and Mahasheer close to Sonamarg offer trout fishing opportunities. They offer a relaxing and tranquil time. On the other hand, Sonamarg offers adventure sports such as sledging on the glaciers, trekking, hiking, skiing and river rafting in Sindh River.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Sonamarg is from March to October. Temperatures may fall a little bit during the monsoons but they are tolerable and can be made comfortable with thick cottons. Sonamarg receives a heavy snowfall during the winters that extend from November to February and temperature can drop below 0 deg C. They are also associated with landslides and road blocks. Hence this season should be avoided.

March to October is also favourable for trout fishing and camping outdoors in the grasslands. July to August is the time when Amarnath Yatra is carried out and the base camp is situated at Sonamarg.

How to Reach

Sonamarg is connected to major cities by means of air, rail and road routes.

By Road

Sonamarg is easily accessible from Srinagar, which is 110 km away from this place.

By Air

To get to Sonamarg by air, one has to get to Badgam district, which is the closest airport from here.

By Rail

The nearest railhead from Sonamarg is at Jammu Station, which is well connected to other parts of the country.

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