Himachal Pradesh as a state seems to differ from the major culture of Northern India, Where they do seem similar is on the matter of Music. The Valleys in Himachal are filled with people who never fail to miss an occasion to sing their favorite folk songs. Although an accompaniment is usually not needed, The Locals enjoy the merriment of these songs with their traditional music instruments. With many reserved for special occasions, The Innumerable folk songs of Himachal are a treat to the world of music.



A popular tradition in the Himachal Pradesh region, this form of traditional music is mostly related to extra marital affairs. To add glitter to the song, a dance form called Jhoomar is also organized which is traditionally performed by a woman.


Sung at major Festivals, The Samskara is a song that is sung mostly by the women belonging to the higher cast. The absolute melody in the songs is due to its strong base in the traditional Indian classical music.


Pertaining specially to marriages, these songs are celebratory ones sung usually at a newlywed or at a women’s house who is about to be married.

Musical Instruments


The folk Music of Himachal Pradesh complies of an army of percussion instruments. Dammama, damanght, dholku, nagara, tamaka, nagarth, dhol, ,hudak ,dolki and dafale are all names of some of the major drums whereas ghariyal and Ghanta (gongs) are some of the major non percussion instruments In the repertoire. While instruments like chimta (tongs), manjira and jhanjh (cymbals) add to the glitter of the Himachali music.


Algoza , Peepni and Shehnai are some of the major Wind Instruments there. Also falling in the same category are the himachali edition of the Brass Trumpet called karnal , Their flute called bishudi and the curved edition of the brass trumpet- the Ranasingha.


Jumang, Sarangi, ektara and the ruman, are the major constituents of the strings section in Himachal.


With a separate dialect in each district, Himachal’s dialect varies greatly. Some of the big names in the fraternity are those of Mohit Chauhan's 'morni', Karnail Rana's various folk songs, Love songs by Dheeraj and Thakur are also worth dying.

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