Himachal Pradesh is a land of great diversity. Its diversity has also kept a place for the several tribes which find their home in the hills in Himachal apart from several other ethnic groups. Majorly, all of them trace their lineage to the Aryans while the people of Lahaul and Spiti are majorly people of Mongol origins. Donning their traditional Himachali Hat, The People of Himachal in general and the natives of Kinnaur in particular are extremely attractive. Specially with their traditional ornaments and jewels.

Known for being sensitive and hardworking, a majority of people in Himachal earn their breads by working in the fields. Although separated by race, religion, culture and community, the people of Himachal Pradesh has evolved to foster a strong bond amongst them which is one of the basic features of these people.  Himachal is also famous amongst the tourists because of the temples in the state. The January and February months are the best time to experience snowfall in the state. Manali and Shimla offer the best view during its freezing winters.  One can experience a trailer of heaven after having a visit to the state. Information about the other tourist ideas can be obtained through its website.

People of Himachal Pradesh

Himachalis are usually simple people and most of them thrive on agriculture as the basic source of income. Almost 90 percent of the Himachali Population comprises of Hindus and Buddhist. The Latter are more often than not established in McLeodGanj, Dharamshala and some areas of Spiti and Lahaul. Other than that a lot of Hindu Communities can be found in Himachal like the Brahmins, Rajputs, Kannets, Rathis and Kolis.  Extremely helpful and Humble, The people of Himachal Pradesh chose to denounce the modern world,  and only consider the valley and mountains of Himachal as their home. This in term grants them peace.

Apart from these, there are also a number of tribes that reside in the Himachal Pradesh which are Gaddis, Kinnar, Gujjars, Pangawals and Lahaulis. These tribals usually reside in the hilly forests of Himachal. Several tourists take a tour of the tribal areas to explore their ideas .Himachal is also home to a number of people from Nepal who come here in search of employment

Traditional Dresses in Himachal Pradesh

  • The classical and traditional dresses for the people of Himachal Pradesh vary from one region of origin to another. Mostly, Women in the state don themselves in Scarves and shawls and the men wear diverse types of Kurtas and Himachali caps.
  • The Himachali Rajputs are the ones that dress with great distinction. In this community, the men wear stiffened Kurtis and Churidaars while women gear themselves in salwars, ghaghri, choli and Rahide.
  • The farmers preserve their simplicity and can be seen wearing a simple Kurta while the women of the community sport a habitual cloth on head named Dhatu.

Farming as a Life Style of Himachal People

The primary source of Income for the Himachali people is through agriculture. Goats, Sheep and other cattle are the basis of income for several families. In Himachal, people are still in villages and towns as almost 90 percent of the population resides in villages and not cities.

Himachali People depend largely on a simple life in the villages. Devoid of shops, Himachal Villages are self sustained and usually have a twin storey house with a terraced farm.  Each village has a temple which is used in reverence by a number of Himachalis.

Full of charm, the Folk songs of Himachal are often based on religion and romantic ideas. In village fairs, People form circles and sings these songs. The spontaneous dancing is also a symbol of the jolly nature. Honest, truthful, gentle, and good humored are some of the traits in Himachali people.

One thing that is a big problem in Himachal is that people from the village have to walk great distances for a work. The children in particular have to walk a considerable distance to study.

The natives of Himachal Pradesh dress in multicolored dresses owing to the local climate aptness. They sport extended trouser and stretched gowns. They put on cap that consists of vivid palette and color indicates the region they belong.

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