Cities and Destinations In Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is an important state and a popular tourist destination in North India. Known aptly as Dev Bhumi or the Abode of Gods during ancient times, the state is blessed with loads of natural beauty and has many hill stations, rivers, forests and other enchanting places of tourist interest. A journey to Himachal Pradesh means an opportunity to discover nature in its true form. It is hard not to get overwhelmed by the splendid topography and picturesque beauty of the state.

Here is a brief look at some of the major cities of Himachal Pradesh:


Bilaspur, the power center of the state in the past, is now submerged in the Gobind Sagar. Located on the south east side of the Sutlej, Bilaspur Township is just above the old town of Bilaspur at 670 meters from the sea level. The new Bilaspur Township lays claim to be the first planned hill town of India. The key places of tourist attraction include the Swarghat, Bahadurpur Fort, Sariun Fort, Vyas Cave, Naina Devi Temple and Markandeya. The narrow gauge railway station at Shimla and broad gauge railway station is at Kiratpur Sahib are the nearest points when you travel by train. The place is reachable by road from Chandigarh and Shimla.


Chamba, located on the Western Himalayas is the district headquarters of Chamba district. The capital of ancient Pahari, lies on a plateau on the banks of the Ravi river valley and stands 996 meters above sea level. It has three snow-clad mountain ranges. Chamba was founded by Raja Sahil Verma in 920 AD.


Dalhousie is one of the most enchanting hill stations of Himachal Pradesh, the city came into prominence in 1854 when the British chose it to be their summer retreat. It was named after the then British Viceroy, Lord Dalhousie. Situated at a height of about 2080m, the hill station is built around the five popular hills of this region. It is the gateway to the state of Chamba. Dalhousie is famous for Hindu art of yore, ancient temples and handicrafts.


Famous for its Tibetan settlement, Dharamshala is the headquarters of the Dalai Lama in India. It is the perfect place to go to Kangra Valley, Baijnath, Jwalamukhi and other close by destinations. Dharamshala is a mix of many diverse cultures and provides a calm and soothing experience that rejuvenates and refreshes both mind and body.


A paradise of its own, Kullu is the undisputed favorite destination of tourists looking to relax in the lap of nature. Famous as the valley of Gods, the region has eye-catching apple orchards, meadows, gushing rivers and of course an abundance of nature.


Manali is one of the key hill stations of the state and located at a height of 6,398 feet. The place has a rich culture and heritage as is believed to be the abode of Saptarshi. Tourists to this fascinating destination contribute to nearly a quarter of their income from tourism to the state of Himachal Pradesh.


The ‘Queen of Hill Stations’ Shimla was the chosen summer capital of British. Situated in the North West Himalayas, the state capital lies at a height of 7238 feet. It is believed to have got its name from Shyamala which is another name for Hindu Goddess Kali. This city has an abundance of Himalayan oak, thick pine forests, and tall deodar trees. The city has a distinctive lifestyle and character which makes you come back for more.


Palampur lies at an altitude of 1220 meters above sea level and about 35 km from Dharamshala. This little town offers a pleasant staying experience as it is bounded on all sides lush green pine trees and a carpeted land of tea gardens. The pine scented air is said to be curative in nature and attracts tourists in droves.


Kangra is located just 17 km from Dharamshala and is acknowledged as one of the most beautiful places in the state. It has a beautiful valley and attracts tourists as it is easily the most picturesque place in the lower Himalayas. The gentle slopes and lush green pine forests, orchards, tea gardens and terraced fields make this place a must-visit destination for tourists. Kangra valley is surrounded by splendid valleys and dotted with several ancient shrines.

Other important cities of Himachal Pradesh are Hamirpur, Lahual Valley, Solan, Nahan, Spiti Valley and Una.

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