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The beautiful Himachal Pradesh has a plethora of parks and gardens for visitors to enjoy its scenic beauty and fascinating wildlife.

Pinjore Gardens

They are also called Yadavindra Gardens. They lie in Pinjore Village on Ambala-Shimla road, about 22 kms from Chandigarh. The foster brother and architect of Aurangzeb, Nawab Fidal Khan, designed these gardens in Mughal style. The layout is sprawled on seven terraces. Chief attractions include a mini zoo, magnificent entrance, water fountains, gorgeous flowerbeds, Mughal style palace and cypress and palm trees in a line. It is hard to see the whole site on foot. Visitors often take the heritage train.

Dhauladhar Nature Park

It is also called Gopalpur Zoo. This is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. Located about 13 kms from Palampur, this park comprises a mini zoo that features black bears, rabbits, sambhar, leopards, deer varieties, angora, and red fox. Visitors can also find the Asiatic lion here. The state Government’s Wildlife Department has established this park, which is sprawled over 30 acres.

Himalayan Nature Park

This park houses a variety of creatures like barking deer, sambhar, snow leopards, Tibetan wolves, pheasants, and bears. The park is surrounded with natural beauty and gives visitors a great time watching the wonderful animals and trees.

Van Vihar

This is a municipal garden located on Mall Road in front of the Tibetan market in Shimla. There is a lake in the park that allows boating. Huge deodar trees adorn the park.

Tea Garden

It is located in Dharamsala, which is famous for its Tibetan culture and monasteries. However, this place is also popular for its widespread cover of tea gardens. A drive down Dharmasala roads greets you with neatly pruned tea gardens and the heavenly aroma of fresh tea. This place is located at a height above sea level that is suitable for tea cultivation. Most of the tea produced here comes from the tea gardens sprawled along the way to Kangra Valley and Palampur.

Tea gardens here proudly present premium tea, green leaf tea, several variants of black tea, herbal tea, Oolong tea, and jasmine tea. The striking flavors of tea are produced by the traditional method of hand picking tea leaves. Silver oak trees are scattered in the gardens. They add to the beauty of the place. Interested visitors can also visit tea factories located nearby.

Vice Regal Lodge Gardens

Located on Observatory Hill, this Lodge is surrounded by beautiful lawns and gardens. They are so well maintained that visitors visiting here in any month can find themselves immersed in the lush greenery.

Potter Hill

It is located a km away from Summer Hill, which is a spectacular site on Shimla-Kalka Railway Line. This is a marvelous picnic place dipped in natural beauty. There is a breath-taking ecological park here.

Shivalik Fossil Park

This park is situated in Saketi along the border of a tiny village Saket. This village shares its border with Himachal Pradesh and Haryana.

The park showcases models of primitive and extinct animals that date back to about 1 to 2.5 million years. The models are made up of fiber, glass, and resins. The idea of this park was born in 1969, but it could be conceptualized only till 1974 when the park was inaugurated. At present, the Geological Survey of India maintains and supervises this park. This place attracts biologists, scientists, students, historians, researchers, animal lovers, and general tourists from all over India and abroad.

Himachal Pradesh has more such gardens and parks. Some are popular, while some are lesser known. When in this state, come with an attitude of an expedition so that more and more beautiful surprises unfold with each step and moment.

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Parks And Gardens
Parks And Gardens
Parks And Gardens
Parks And Gardens
Parks And Gardens
Parks And Gardens

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