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Nurpur Fort

Nurpur region is well-known for Nurpur Fort and a temple known as Brij Raj. Nurpur obtained its name by Jahangir, Mughal ruler, who named it after his wife in the year 1672, Nurjahan. The fort looks magnificent from outside. It was constructed in the late 16th century by Raja Basu. The Nurpur Fort is huge and is spread over a large area. It looks very royal and magnificent. It stretches across a long horizontal plateau covering the western part of the crest and has symbols of grand architectural designs. The fort gives a great view of Jabhar Khud, a river of the Chakki rivulet and the enormous valley fashioned by it. Previously the name of Nurpur fort was Dhameri, afterwards it was changed to Nurpur.


Nurpur Fort is as beautiful as its name. It is a jewel of Himachal Pradesh and the most treasured antiquity. The well-known Brij Maharaj temple, within the fort, is devoted to Lord Krishna and it has a gorgeous black stone idol of the Lord Krishna. It was fetched from Rajasthan during reign of Raja Jagat Singh. The walls are adorned with lovely paintings from Indian mythology. All the paintings, beautiful figures, and rundown condition of the fort, but yet magnificent in itself; gives a nostalgic and mystic experience to tourists.

The fort was previously known as Dhameri fort. In 1672, Moghal Emperor, Jahangir named the fort, Nurpur Fort after his beloved wife Nurjahan. Jahangir was one of the most powerful rulers and son of Jala-Ud-Din Mohamad Akbar. Nurpur fort is near Pathankot which is about 24 kilometers and also near Dharamshala which is 66 kilometer away.

Nurpur Fort constructed by the Pathania Rajputs. The fort was built more than 900 years ago. It was broken due to the huge earthquake which affected this region in early 1905 A.D. the fort is very popular and the temple in its vicinity is the main attraction.


The palace is located in the most exotic place on earth. It is surrounded by beautiful lush green planes which look heavenly. The Nurpur Fort has a breathtaking view from outside and inside. The interior of the place is spectacular as outside. The palace walls, now in run down condition, have deep alcove, decorative curves and the faded signs of some paintings. The northwest side parapets of the fort have some profoundly imprinted panels showing animals. Predominantly elegant imprints of the bulls in their different actions like walking in a single line, pulling a cart, etc. There are also statutes of children, women, men, the kings, goddesses, and gods and also birds. The complete impact of the Nurpur fort is one of feeling and wonder and fascination.

The tourists are attracted by the beautiful paintings on the walls of the palace. There are wonderful statutes of men, children, women, kings, gods, birds, etc. There is a spectacular black idol of Lord Krishna. The idol of Lord Krishna was brought here from Rajasthan. In present day the fort is in a rundown condition due to huge earthquake that struck this region in year 1905 A.D. in the month of April. Some of the ruins were due to British activities in this region, but the fort is still huge and magnificent and visitors can view the remains.

How to Reach

The Nurpur fort is situated at a distance of 66 km from Dharamsala and approximately 24 km commencing Pathankot. As the history shows, the fort was built by Raja Basu. The fort stands on the bank of River Jabbar and comes under the Kangra region of Himachal Pradesh.

In order to get there, you can choose from three different kinds of modes of transportation:

By Train

Nearby railway station is in Pathankot for main trains, which is broad gauge, and for narrow gauge the station is in Kangra region. The railway station is known as Nagrota Bagwan.

By Air

Nearby Airport is known as Gaggal which is associated with Chandigarh and New Delhi by Indian Airlines getaway.

By Road

The fort is 18 km from Yol in south, and in north of Balta the distance is 4 km. there are frequent taxi and Bus services accessible from Chandigarh and Delhi.

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Nurpur Fort
Nurpur Fort
Nurpur Fort
Nurpur Fort
Nurpur Fort
Nurpur Fort

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