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Christ Church Kasauli

When the hills call, you have to take a plunge for the fall. The call of serenity can never be ignored by a tireless traveller. When you step into Kasauli you won’t fail to notice the quaintness of the little town wrapped in the pines of steep slopes. It still holds the essence of a typical British architecture with cobbled roads and narrow lanes and the colonial ambiance settles into you like a never-ending dream.


Kasauli is located in the heart of Solan district, Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh is bordered by Jammu and Kashmir on the north, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh on the south, Uttarakhand on south east, Punjab on the west and south west. It is a state of perennial rivers so it is not an arid state. Kasauli lies at a distance of 77 kilometres from the capital city Shimla and 65 kilometres from Chandigarh. It has an altitude of 1800 metres. If you drive into the branch road of Kalka-Shimla route, you will reach Kasauli.


The cantonment town of Kasauli was established in 1842 as a colonial British town. Because Kasauli turned out to be a tranquil hill station for the high posted officers of the British Raj who avoided the crowds of Shimla, this town always has an old world charm. The Christ Church was established on 24th July 1853 by the same British family who established the town of Kasauli. Earlier the church was named Anglican Church but in 1970 the church came under the Churches of North India’s authority and is now managed by the bishopric of Amritsar. The gothic structure is recognised by the name of Christ Church now.


Kasauli has a moderate climate with the summer temperature not exceeding 32 degree Celsius and the winter temperature staying stagnant at two degrees. The north east and south winds are common and they blow round the year. Total annual rainfall is 1020 millimetres. Humidity shoots up to 90% during September and is approximately 28% in the month of April.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit is in summers. Although the peak hours are from April to September, the monsoons compel a low key during the months of July and August. Roads may remain blocked due to snow in the upper mountains in extreme conditions in December and January but tourists do visit the place round the year. October attracts crowd due to the festive season in northern India. October is also the time when the chances of rainfall are low. You will find hotels and guest houses at affordable rates all over Kasauli. You can also drive back to Chandigarh if you spend a day at Kasauli.

About Christ Church, Kasauli

The winds have blown past its old brick arches for more than one and half centuries. The 160 year old Christ Church is built amidst chestnut and fir groves. The greenery creates an ambiance of composure. Its situation near the bus stop makes it easy for tourists to pay a visit because they don’t have to go extra mile for finding it out. The church has a big courtyard in the front which is also the driveway for cars that enter. The chestnut trees provide a shadow of solace to the people who want to spend some time taking a stroll to see the architecture.


On the 24th of July 1853, the first foundation stone of the Christ Church was laid. After that 160 years have passed and the arches and pillars have gathered moss of mysticism. It was then known as the Anglican Church. In 1970 the church was taken under the authority of the Churches of North India (CNI) and was renamed the Christ Church.  The tinted glass window panes are painted with images of Mother Mary, Jesus and spirits of the Almighty. It started attracting the families who resided in Kasauli and soon became the Sunday mass hub where many catholic families met not only for prayer but also for wedding and other occasions. Currently it has space for thirty families to pray at a time.

The Uniqueness of the Christ Church of Kasauli

When you look at the Christ Church through the camera lens for a moment you may be contemplating any country side church or chapel of Europe. But as your senses resuscitate you realise that you are in a little town in Himachal Pradesh. The green tiled slanting roof of the gothic structure gives you an old European feel and the beige coloured walls reflect simplicity. The church is located in a central position on the Lower Mall Road of Kasauli and just at a stone’s throw from the main bus stop. Up on the wall space in between the windows, there are plaques in memory of the demised family members. The silence at the altar fills your mind with the carols you thought you had forgotten after school. Take a walk to the altar and the melted candles will make you feel the intensity of many promises that were made and granted there.

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