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Talkatora Indoor Stadium

  • Seating Capacity:  3035 audience
  • Entrance / Egress: Apart from the entrance for the audience, the stadium has a tunnel facilitating movement of the athletes from the main stadium to the facility block.
  • Score Boards: Score Boards available
  • Sports Facility: Talkatora Stadium houses one competition arena that includes a competition ring with four warm-up areas
  • Lighting / PA System: Sports Lighting provided

The Talkatora indoor stadium is located in Delhi, India and is owned by the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC). The stadium is named after one of the Moghul-era gardens and derives its name from ‘Tal’ which literally means ‘a tank’ (located to the west of the stadium) and ‘Katora’ which means ‘a bowl’ (indicating the natural depressions around the Delhi Ridge surrounding the stadium).

Located in Willingdon Crescent Road in Central Delhi, the stadium has a pleasing structural design and an elegant look. The stadium has scoreboard, video screens, sports lighting and an acoustic ceiling of dome.

Though not a tourist attraction, the stadium is used for not only sports but also for hosting musical concerts, seminars and quizzes that attract a great audience. The stadium is well liked by sportspersons from Delhi and is used as a practicing ground. The stadium was one of the venues for 2010 Commonwealth Games and hosted the Boxing event.


In view of the 2010 Commonwealth games to be held in Delhi, the stadium was re-inaugurated on 25 February 2010. It was renovated and upgraded to meet international standards.


In 1978, a national delegate session was organized at the stadium by the leftists and was attended by around 7000 trade union delegates. Later, the stadium hosted a star night to raise funds for the Kargil war relief fund.


Apart from hosting the boxing event for 2010 Commonwealth games, the Talkatora indoor stadium is quite popular for other sports including Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Hockey and Tennis.

2010 Commonwealth Games

The Talkatora stadium was one of the venues for the 2010 Commonwealth Games. It hosted the boxing event of 2010.

Following its selection to host the boxing event, the stadium was upgraded in design to meet the norms of the International Boxing Federation. 

Scoreboards, video screens, acoustic ceiling, sports lighting and CCTV cameras were fitted to meet international standards.


The stadium was renovated altogether before the commencement of the Commonwealth games to be held in 2010. All the measures were taken to meet the required standards and special facilities were made for the Boxing event to which to stadium played host. The stadium featured 4 warm up rings and one competition ring. Also, Scoreboards, video screens, acoustic ceiling, sports lighting and CCTV cameras were facilitated.

The seating capacity of the stadium was increased to accommodate 3500 seats. The stadium was divided in 3 specific zones, namely, the 'front of house', 'back of house' and ‘field of play'. For the convenience of the audience, underground parking space was created.

Keeping up with the standards of Commonwealth games, the stadium was renovated to include athlete cubicles, medical office, athlete's lounge, committee office, physiotherapy centre, warm up area, federation office, doping control office, changing room, technical official lounge,  and meeting room. Other facilities provided to honour the event were a press conference room, a media lounge,  media work area, CCTV monitor room, an office for the venue managers, security command, catering area and ticket desk.

One of the notable things about the stadium is that, it was reconstructed with eco-friendly material and energy-efficient devices consequentially making it into a green building.

A number of environment-friendly material and energy-efficient devices have been used in this block to make it a green building.

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