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Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium

  • Seating Capacity:  Can permanently hold 60,000 people
  • Total Floor Area: is about forty three thousand and five hundred square meter
  • Entrance / Egress: There are about fourteen ramps for upper seating, 4 ramps for lower seating at the interiors as well as stairs, escalators or lifts.
  • Score Boards: Electronic Boards to keep scores & Screens to watch video
  • Sports Facility: The Synthetic Athletic Tracks  includes Nine Lane  Warm up area – Track & Field as well as the Warm up area – Throwing Temporary Fitness Center
  • Lighting / PA System: Sports Lighting & PAs from Suspended Catwalk
  • Barrier Free Access:  Access & Amenities provided

The multi-use sports ground, located in Delhi, known as the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium after the foremost Indian Prime Minister, where football and other sports and games are organised, also offers major entertainment facilities.

The sports stadium with the capacity to seat about 60,254 audience also has the facility to seat equal to 100,000 for concerts. Known as  the fourth biggest multipurpose stadium of the country, it is also  the 51st biggest in the worldwide.

The headquarters of the Sports Authority of India(SAI), Indian Olympic Association as well as the field arm of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India are all situated within the  stadium compound.


Governement of India set up the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in 1982, with the aim to conduct the 9th Asian Games. Then, the stadium went on to hold the Asian Championships in Atheletics in 1989 as well as the Commonwealth Games in 2010. It was in anticipation of Common Wealth Games, in 2010, that the stadium cut down on its seating facility from 78,000 to 60,254 viewers.


The Amnesty International’s Human Rights Now! Benefit Concert was organised at the Stadium on September 30 of 1988 under the management of Mr. Ramji Lal from CPWD. The show headed by Sting and Peter Gabriel also showcased talents like the E Street Band, Youssou N’ Dour, Bruce Springstreen, Ravi Shankar and Tracy Chapman.

In the meanwhile, in December 1993, Michael Jackson was also all set to conduct about two concerts at this Stadium in Delhi, which however cancelled out due to his ailing health. If it had happened, it would have been Jackson’s first performance in India.

MTV and other channels had capitalised on his expected arrival and played his music video for months leading to the date, thus going to create mass hysteria in hope of his expected arrival in India.

Set up to be the last performance of the tour, the concerts would have sold out completely. However, it was not to happen, as the whole concert for Delhi and to Indonesia and Australia were cancelled.


Not to forget the one day international matches, which were conducted at the stadium, one with India vs Australia in 1984, as well as the one in 1991 against South Africa. Kepler wessels was the batsman for both the matches, even if representing different countries. He scored 107 for Australia and 90 for South Africa.


At the same time, the stadium also bore witness to a few of the local National Football League Matches, in the earlier days. The South Asian Football Federation cup 2011 was also conducted here.

Meanwhile, the Indian Government in union with Audi also organised a friendly football exhibition match on 10 January of 2012. The teams that played include the National Football team and Bayren Munich, a German Club.

In the game, India saw defeat at the hands of the German Club, with the scores standing at 0 for India and 4 for the German Club, at the front of some 30,000 viewers. This was match in which, the then Indian Captain of Football, Baichung Bhutia, took part for the last time representing India. From the time of the Indian Super League Season in 2014, matches of Delhi Dynamos FC have always happened here.


In an attempt to safeguard the main character of the Stadium, catering to the biggest membrane of roof system worldwide, a modern design for roof, over seating tire is given

  • The supporting system covering 71 metre includes the projected PTFE roof casing above seating tire, independant but consistent with the current retrofitting structure
  • The most modern and upto date technology of the system of lighting for sports and public address
  • The covering of the roof is expected to be lighted during the night hours making use of the latest or modified facade lighting, thus lessening the boredom of the viewers
  • One can also find a AC tunnel within the stadium lower than the athletes track and arena, so that performers of the opening and closing ceremonies can enter and exit easily.
  • Special retrofitting with steel jacketing of 512 columns.
  • At the same time, the Ring of fire that is lighting supplied on the Cat-walk of the J.N.Stadium also omit glare free FOP lighting.
  • The facade lights of crown shape in J.N.Stadium include 54,000 square metre of casing
  • Type: Outdoor stadium with seating capacity covered with PTFE Casing on the roof
  • It also includes VIP and VVIP Lounges at the Western Entry Access, through the lifts, escalators and stairs.
  • The stadium with AC fitted is said to be of internarional standards, catering to VIPs, Athletes, Media and Technical Officials.
  • Based on the International Standards, the latest ramps are designed so that evacuation, if any can be done within 6 mins. High strength steel plates are incorported into the design. At the same time, the fabrication of steel and assembly work are done via the local agencies, in India.

JNS - Lawn Bowl

  • The outdoor stadium has four competetive Green made of synthetic
  • Has the capacity to seat 2500 viewers
  • Electronic board to keep scores and screens to watch the video
  • Fitted with AC, the stadium offering faciltites of International standards cater to Athletes, Media, Technical Officers and VIPs.
  • High Mast Lighting for Sports and PA system

JNS – Weightlifting

  • The stadium stands out with exclusive artchitectural and structural design
  • It comes shaped rather like an egg shell
  • Structured in such a way that along with the featuered double basement parking facility made available the stadium goes on to become one of the largest
  • Most up to date and modified sports lighting system and public address
  • The indoor stadium comes fitted with complete AC.
  • Has the capacity to seat 2172 audience
  • Underground parking in two levels, for 300 PCUs
  • Has 12 warm up stations as well as the chief podium
  • Electronic board to keep scores and screens to watch the video
  • Access without any barrier
  • The stadium offers faciltites of International standards and caters to Athletes, Media, Technical Officers and VIPs.
  • Most Modern Infrastructure and Finishes

2010 Commonwealth Games

A major venue for the Commonwealth Games in the year 2010, the Jawaherlal Nehru Stadium bore witness to the opening and closing ceremonies in addition to athlectic events at the Delhi Games.

After an overhaul to the design, the stadium was reconstructed so as to open for the multi sports event organised by India on 27 July 2010. The stadium was also open to general public.

In the meanwhile, it was in July 2010, that the Asian All Asian Athletics Championship was conducted. It was believed that as many as 1,500 students from various places came to observe the event.

While the opening ceremony for the Common Wealth Games 2010  was conducted , the security arranged for ceremony include CRPF, Delhi police, NSG and so on.

At the same time, the tickets issued undergoes thorough scrutiny at the electronic checking machine, same as the ones used in the Delhi metro. For the sake of surveillance, more than 350 CCTV cameras were fitted all over, within the premises of the stadium.

In the meanwhile, on the day of the closing ceremony of the Common Wealth Games , all shops, offices, malls and call centers within Delhi was closed.


Constructed by the same designers as those that designed the Foshan Stadium in China, the stadium also looks alike. The design is such that if emergency calls for it, it can be evacuated within six minutes.

The stadium fitted with the latest roof also holds enhanced seating capacity and other amenities of the international standards as it goes on to conduct athletic events, sports or even opening and closing ceremony of the Common Wealth Games of 2010.

In the meantime, the roof coated with Teflon and manufactured by Schlaich Bergermann & Partner covering 53,800 square meter costs about 308 crore rupees. The PTFE glass fibre fabric roof and support structure made of 8,500 tonnes of steel is set up and provided by the Taiyo Membrane Corporation. 

Meanwhile, the shape of the support structure for the latest roof is same as the London’s Olympic Stadium. The latest professional Audio System is offered by Bosch Communications.

Other additions include the latest 10 lane synthetic track, the synthetic warm up track as well as the synthetic ball field. Other two new venues constructed close to the stadium includes Four synthetic Greens, where lawn bowls event can be conducted and a gymnasium with capacity to seat 2.500 viewers for the weightlifting event to be conducted. Apart from all these, a 400 meter warm up track was also created.

In the meantime, about 4000 workers worked in two shifts so as to complete the work of the stadium on time. The stadium also includes a tunnel of 150 m length for the purpose of the closing and opening ceremony.

The Ministry of Health also put in some 24 condom machines in the stadium.

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