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Sacred Heart Cathedral

Sacred Heart Cathedral Church is a famous historical church which is located in New Delhi, India. This is a Roman Catholic Cathedral Church that belongs to the Latin Rite and is also eminent as one of the oldest Roman Catholic Cathedral which still exists in New Delhi in India. The church supports several Christian religious services that are held with full passion here throughout the year.

History of Church

The church is supposed to be built and initiated by Father Luke who was a member of ‘Franciscan first order’ that was established and founded by St. Francis of Assisi. The foundation stone of the church was laid down by Rev. Dr. E. Vanni in the year 1929 who was the Archbishop of Agra. The construction of the church, however, started in the year 1930. The main altar of the Sacred Heart Cathedral Church was donated by Sir Anthony de Mello. This is made of pure exquisite quality marble. The vestments, bell as well as altar furniture of the church was presented by Archbishop of Agra. This entire project was sponsored and financed by the colonial rank officers of the British Empire in India.

Architecture of Church

The basic design of building premises of Sacred Heart Cathedral Church was actually designed by a famous British architect Mr. Henry Medd. The entire design has been inspired from Italian architecture. There are some artistic circular arcaded turrets on each sides of church’s main entrance porch. These arcaded turrets rise above the roof. There are façade of white pillars that ardently supports the canopy of the church. The interior of the church has a beautiful towering curved roof which has been embellished with broad arches and some splendid polished stone floors. Sacred Heart Cathedral Church along with Convent of Jesus & Mary School and St. Columbia’s School covers a whole vicinity of 14 acres close to Connaught Place.

Location and Address of Church

Sacred Heart Cathedral Church is situated in New Delhi. The church lies close to Connaught Place of Delhi which is a famous landmark there. From there, one can take Bhai Vir Singh Marg road to reach to the church easily.
People from any religion, caste or creed can offer their prayers in the church.

Main Attraction of Church

Church Functions and Celebrations

Sacred Heart Cathedral Church is widely famous for its unbelievably astonishing architecture that simply mesmerizes the spectator. The church is also famous for various functions and celebrations that are held here on different occasions. Regular prayers are held every morning and evening. Various social and cultural programs are also arranged by the church throughout the year.

Sacred Heart Cathedral Church organizes celebrations and functions on certain days of the calendar but major ones include the celebration of Easter and of course Christmas. The salient attraction of the festivities in the church during Christmas is the great Feast of ‘Holy Family of Nazareth’ along with the ‘Christmas Vigil Service’ that is held an hour before the time of midnight on Christmas Eve.

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