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Central Baptist Church

This is a very serene and quiet church, tucked in between the crazy hustle and bustle of Chandni Chowk, stands prominently on the road peacefully observing the great number of activities occurring in and around its vicinity. The Central Baptist Church stands directly opposite the historical street of Dariba Kalan which is the largest jewellery market in Asia.

The church which is popularly known as the Central Baptist Church is a prime exhibit of the European style of architecture which was popular during the time of its construction. The Baptist Missionary Society which is based in London had purchased land close to the Red Fort with the permission of Governor General for the purpose of constructing a central church in order to propagate the teachings of Christ in North India. Subsequently, construction on the Central Baptist Church was begun in 1814. This makes the Central Baptist Church one of the earliest churches to be built in Delhi and several historians have claimed that the Church is in fact the earliest Christian Missionary to be set up in North India.

Even though several small buildings have come up in the vicinity surrounding the church, the beauty of the Church remains unmarred. Within the premises, a popular primary school has been built especially for children who belong to the Baptist Community. However, the church also invites students from all other communities. Celebrations and suppers are frequently held within the church. Hundreds of pious devotees come to the Church in order to take part in its New Year and Christmas Day Celebrations which have now become very popular. The Church is very active in all cultural and social events, and celebrates them with great pomp and show. It fills the heart to hear the vicinity filled with the sounds of the choir singing Hymns in order to be one with the Holy Spirit and rejoice with God frequently throughout the year. Event information and a detailed schedule can be acquired from the Office of the Church of North India and the Local Church Authorities the Offices of both of which are situated on Pandit Pant Marg.

It is a source of great amazement to witness how the Church, which is located within such a noisy and crowded area, had succeeded in giving absolute salvation and peace to all the people who are in need of it. The Church provides a grand sense of peace, tranquillity and the sensation of oneness with God. It is very heartening to witness the Church situated right adjacent to Gurudwara Sisganj, a small mosque and the Gauri-Shankar Temple. It is indeed a demonstration of the secular culture and the brotherhood that exists between people of all religions with the state of Delhi.

The Church opens its doors at 6 A.M sharp every morning. Entry to the church is completely free of charge.

Architecture and Structure

Being one of the earliest churches to be set up in Delhi the Central Baptist Church is an interesting model of the style of European architecture that was popular at that time. The side entrance of the premises on the southern side has a large and deep colonnaded porch which has been supported by thick and heavy cylindrical columns. In the same pattern the other two sides of the Church have very high verandas which have been given semi-circular arches as entrances. The church is one of the most well maintained churches in Delhi with all its original carvings and motifs still intact. However, the ceiling of the church was in a bad shape and consequently has been restructured with iron beams and stones. The church walls contain memorial tablets which preserve the memory of the faithful ones who had devoted their entire lives in the service of the church.

Location and Address

The Church is very easily accessible by car, bus, taxi or metro. The closest metro station is the one at Chandni Chowk, which lies on the yellow line. From there one can either simply walk to the church or one can take a rickshaw. Covering the distance on foot is the preferable way as this way you will be able to get the flavour of the culture of Old Delhi. The address of the church is -

Ashok Road, Connaught Place, New Delhi-01

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