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Cathedral Church Of The Redemption

Otherwise referred as Viceroy Church, Cathedral Church of the Redemption is one among the magnificent and beautiful Indian Churches situated towards the eastern direction of New Delhi Parliament House and the Rashtrapati Bhavan used by British Viceroy earlier. The structure of the church resembles birthday cake holding candle on its top. This church got the name from Lutyens St Jude’s Church (Hampstead Garden Suburb) and Palladio’s Church of II Redentore (Venice). This church comes under the division of Church of North India (CNI), Delhi diocese.

This church is one among the most sacred destinations for Christians in India. The most renowned designer, Henry Medd constructed this church between 1927 and 1935. He himself was very much impressed by its highly curved arches and domes and referred to it as Viceroy’s Church. The church appears to be of Birthday cake with a candle on its top. The interior of this church is splendid and magnificent whereas the exterior remains quite simple and at the same time very beautiful. They took proper care to maintain this church as cool place even in summer season. Lord Irwin, the Viceroy was very much inspired by the delicate arches and domes of this Church which made him to gift an organ along with Silver cross. He gifted as thanks giving to church which saved him in 1929 from fatal accident. The huge hall of this church can even accommodate more than 2000 people during prayer time. There is also beautiful altar present in this church. The presence of tinted glass windows adds more beauty to this church which attracts many people to visit here. The light passing through these glass windows will give a look of an angel entering into this place. All people throng this place with a strong faith that their wishes will get fulfilled. Many people visit this church to confess their mistakes and plead for forgiveness. More than thousands of devotees confess their mistakes and live a happy life thereafter. People also pray for the well being of the friends and relatives. They light their candles, meditate for some time and then leave this church with great satisfaction. People celebrate Christmas and Easter day with great faith and joy at this church. Early masses are organized at this church during those days.  They decorate this church during these festivals in order to attract devotees. They also organize various social and cultural programmes at this place.

History of Church

The history of this church dates back to Englishman to multicultural one. With its community work and diversity, this church has satisfied the vision of its founders, to act as common meeting place for all creeds and sects who got tucked away by New Delhi bustle. It lies quiet towards the north lane from Jaipur Column and in western direction from Parliament House, situated at North Avenue. The centralized plan of this church goes well with the city plan of Sir Edwin Lutyens. Lord Irwin supported this church and opened them for Public on January 18th 1931. Henry Alexander Medd designed this church after getting inspired by Venice’s Palladio Church of II Redentore and also Hampstead Church by Lutyens. The church dates back to 80 long years as a place for gorgeous giving, prayer and quiet meditation. Vibrant Parish community resides here and it is an outstanding tribute to the Christians in India. There are approximately 600 communicant members coming from 550 different families. British born renowned architect, Henry Medd constructed this church in the span of 8 years and completed by 1933. The architecture and style of this church is similar to Free Church, located at Hampstead Garden Suburb. This church is well known for its magnificent interiors and austere exteriors. The red sandstone present in its rooftop gives special attraction to this church.

Architecture of Church

Red sandstone with course rubble was deployed to construct this church. It was inspired from Venice’s Palladio’s Church of II Redentore and it resembles the look of London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral. The presence of small size recesse open with tinted style glass will decrease the intensity of harsh sunlight entering into the church. It looks like angels looking down from curved roof just above altar. One can have an earthy feeling because of the presence of dark hard wood. The high round shaped arches inside the church compliments well with the plain linear exteriors.

Location and Address of Church

One should travel down from Connaught Place towards Baba Kharak Singh Marg till Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital circle and then enter North Avenue. At the end of this road, the church resides towards the northern direction of Jaipur column and west of Parliament House.  The Cathedral Church of Redemption stands tall among the tall trees.

One can enter this church without any restriction.


The Cathedral Church of the Redemption
1, Church Road, North Avenue
New Delhi- 110001

Main Attraction of Church


The aisles of this church are decorated with beautiful paintings. Above high altar one can see copy of child with 2 Cherub’s and Giovanni Bellinis Madonna, 15th Century well known Italian painter.

The walls following side aisles are adorned by 2 lunettes painted by A.D. Thomas, the Indian missionary painter who represented the Christ transfiguration along with paintings of Christ baptism. There is also the work depicting Christ commanding his apostles to go for preaching gospel to this world. A.D. Thomas autographed this along with his portrait in green robe.

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